Ritek R02 + nec2510 Please help :'(

Bought a 25 pack of ‘ritek excellent!’ and they have proven to be the worst discs ever. Worse than princo imo. I’ve tried 2f7, 2f8 (yep the new one) and lastly i tried herrie’s beta5 (DL one). Herries was the best, approx 20PI max (13 average) meanwhile the other 2 firmwares had 40-100PI.

The main problem is that the discs read back extremely poorly. I also tried a 2.4x burn with the herrie firmware, the result was even worse than the 2f7/8.

Here’s a link of what a decent read speed looks like on my drive. (mcc003)

The top image shown is the best result which was a 4x burn on the 107beta5 firmware @ 4x. The second image is the PI test of that same first disc. The last image shows a disc burnt with 2f7 @ 4x.

Some1 please help me get some decent use out of these discs :’(