RITEK R01 - Nec1300 Vs. DVD-ROM

Really feeling stupid but I could not find an answer.

I just bought a 50 pack of the RITEK R01 (Meritline) and burned some on my Nec1300a (1.05 firmware). Upon testing the reliability of the R01’s I came across some unusual results. On my DVD-ROM drive they are a mess, DVDInfoPro/AHead CDSpeed both report errors and very erratic read speeds. However on my NEC1300 drive they are perfect. Burnt two so far with same results from both drives and they both play flawless in my standalone DVD player. My question, which drive should I trust for gagging whether these are good discs, the burner or my PC DVD-ROM or BOTH?

Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

Probably media.

Ritek ain’t all that great.

I got some Ritek R01s (RiData), and their reading performance is great on my burner (851S), but is spotty on my other drives. What’s interesting is the variable nature of this; one disc will work beautifully in my other drives, while the next disc (same data, same spindle, same burner, same everything, except it took place 30 minutes after the previous disc got burned) choked on my other drives.

I guess it didn’t help that these were all burned at 6x… :wink:

But the point is, my experience with R01 Riteks indicate that they seem to be spotty/variable in quality.

Thanks for the reply code65536. It is strange how one drive shows them perfect and the other they are a mess.

Just 1/2 hour ago I went back to my standalone player (Pioneer) played one of the discs that my DVD-ROM drive showed had massive read errors. Now all of the sudden I had to eject/insert the disc several times to get the menu up, that disc WAS working perfect in my standalone this morning. Right now I have the disc in and the DVD’s menu running and everything is great. I had never experienced these types of random problems with media before. Starting to think I should have stuck with my good old reliable Fuji!