Ritek R01 dvd+r

Does anyone know how I can write those dvd+r’s @4 speed or higher?
I know have 107v2b5 f/w and a nec2500a but I can only write at 2.4X…
I had the chance to buy 200 dvd+r for 80 euro and I grabbed it.
Now I knew that I could write RICOH R00 (2.4X rated) at 8X so I guessed I was settled with RITEK R01.

A long while back, I think Herrie said he wasn’t going to add additional speeds for the Ritek R0? media because of the varied quality of the discs. I’m not sure if he is planning on changing that in the upcoming firmware release.

I will agree that writing the 2.4x RICOHJPNR00 media at 8x is great. Still one of the best medias ever produced. I did some CDSpeed Disc Quality scans of the media and I consistently get great results from it. I need to find me another pack of those Fuji discs before they are all gone…

Disc Quality scans are better than most 8x media!


The 107V2B5 can write at 4X, 6X or 8X also on the R01.
You must check that DMA is enabled on both hard drive and burner for higher spped writing to work.

Check tin the raw transfert rate in cdspeed that the thoughput of your system is well over the one necessary for the desired burning speed. Should normally be 15-25 MB/s for a standard system.

It depends on what burning software do you use? Roxio DVD Creator 6 will not allow burning above 4X even if you use 1.07 V7 B5. Nero 6, DVD Decrypter as well as CopyToDVD will allow you to go over 4X speed. If you use one of the burning software listed above, you might want to check if the data transfer (PIO/DMA). Make sure DMA mode 2 for ND 2500a.

Here a picture I took from my pc, I have the writer as sec master and all on dma ultra 2, I checked the dvd+r with nero cd/dvdspeed and it says 2.4X while RICOH R00 say 2.4X - 8X as almost all dvd+r and dvd-r do (2X - 8X).
And If I see in the readme’s that I have in the same extracted map as where I have the windowsflash f/w that readme says nothing about RITEK R01 at 8X.

Plus I checked this topic and in none of the current f/w’s is there an option to write RITEK R01 at 4 or higher.

COME ON, there has to be someone out there who could speedhack this media???
Liteon burners speedhacked can also burn these RITEK R01 at 8X with good results.


My bad, sorry !
I thought you referred to the Riteks with Ricoh R01 media code.

I have no clue on these Ritek R01.

RICOH R01 burns good at 4X and 6X but not exacly on X but who cares when 6X only takes 1 more minute. I just saw results of a RiTEK R01 on a liteon burned at 8X and the result was good, so I didn’t checked if my nec was able do burn it at 4X or higher, I just assumed it would. It doesn’t and except from the firmwares available on the forum it seems no f/w can do it? Can’t Herrie fix this in his next f/w? I live in Belgium and I’m willing to send hil some RiTEK R01 discs for him to test the best writing strategy. Don’t know about the f/w’s on TDB though.

I might be able to do so :slight_smile: Just drop me a PM with the full code and your mailaddress :slight_smile:

Thanks, The PM is on the way.
For safety I post the media code here also.

00000000 01 02 00 00 A1 0F 02 00 00 03 00 00 00 26 05 3F …&.?
00000010 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 52 49 54 45 4B 00 00 00 52 …RITEK…R
00000020 30 31 01 38 23 54 37 09 00 5A 65 00 AC 5F 14 14 01.8#T7…Ze…_…
00000030 0A 0A 0A 0A 01 19 1B 0B 0B 0E 0F 01 00 00 00 00 …

Thanks a lot, it really feels nice to know people try to help me.

from the NEC firmware and modding links sticky at the top of the forum:

Note Liggy has posted supported media lists for each firmware! If you’d like to check if a specific media type is included in a specific firmware, look HERE.
don’t know what luck you will have as ritek r02 is complete crap!

here is one burned in an liteon 811s @ 4x:

and here from my new nec2500 @ 4x:


There you will find some burns from LITEON 851 at 8X and 6X with pretty decent results.
Plus RICOH R00 (2.4X) at 8X is a lot better then RICOH R01 (4X) at 8X. (Just to say newer dye isn’t better)
So the fact that RiTEK R02 isn’t good doesnt proof anything from RiTEK R01.

i was just saying don’t count on it being good since ritek has variable quality.
i did scroll all the posts in that thread but in the future if there is a specific one you want to link to you will see a number off to the right. if you right click on it and copy shortcut you can get a link directly to that post.

The problem with Ritek is its variable nature. I wouldn’t say that they are bad. And R01 discs can certainly do well at 8x. But not all of them can. And even within the same batch, you’ll get some that cant.

I got a bunch of Ritek R01s some months ago, and proceeded to have some fun with them. :wink: Here are the results of that having-fun. These discs were burned and scanned about 2 months ago with a fairly old firmware. Anyway, here goes…

Discs: RiData 2.4x +R red shrinkwrap 50-pack from Newegg… RITEKR01-01
Drive: SOHW-832S

Here is a disc burned at 8x, using a simply hack of the speed descriptor.

Looks nice, huh? Well, look again. Here’s another disc. Same drive. Same firmware. Same burning speed. Same software. Same batch of media. Same everything. It was just happened to be the very next disc in the pile. This second disc could not be played back while the first could.

And there’s a third disc to this 8x series. It looked a lot like the first burn.

A while later, I decided to try things a bit differently. I was much more conservative and did things only at 6x. And I also swapped the write strategy from R01-01 to R03-01. Disc came out nicely. Reads fine.

And shortly after that, I burned another disc. Once again, the same thing: same firmware, same drive, same speed, blah, blah, blah. Didn’t change a thing.

Gosh, the errors dropped by a lot and I didn’t do a single darn thing! How’s that for media consistency? Yes, folks, Ritek is fun! Roooight…

As it would turn out, as I burned more and more of these R01s (eventually ate up the whole 50-pack), these discs were simply very variable. I thought that 6x would be safe for a while, until a little down the line, I hit two discs that gave me errors in the 300’s like the 8x (I didn’t save those scans, sorry. :sad: ). And eventually, I settled for 4x because I didn’t have the patience to scan every disc. And even at 4x, Ritek’s infamous variability showed. There were a series of 10 discs that I burned, as I recall, where literally every other disc would have PI avg around 1 and every other disc would have PI avg around 10.

Moral of the story? Yea, you can kick the Ritek R01 up to 8x just fine. If it works well with LiteOn, it’ll probably work well in the NEC. But don’t be surprised if every other disc turns out badly. Ritek just can’t be trusted for consistency. Burning at 6x or 8x really amplified Ritek’s variability, and I had to scan every burn to see if I had gotten a good disc or a bad disc. The slower burns were better because even the bad discs didn’t burn too badly.

I completely understand, but I like testing and I don’t care about some bad burns, when I pay 40cent for a dvd+r, I don’t suspect it to be super but 2.4X is too slow. Even 4X would be a big improvement. I have 200 of these dvd+r’s…

It is. :slight_smile: I ended up burning most of my batch at 4x, as that seemed to be a nice speed that didn’t amplify the flaws of their discs too much. And esp. on a NEC where the 6x and 8x burns not that much faster than 4x.

Didn’t Herrie already say he’d send you a firmware that would allow you to burn them faster?

and i don’t… no drama or wasted time for me.

40¢ a disc is tops i will usually pay (AR) most of my media is in the 20-40¢ range but i have even had some for free… not just princo either!

cmc af1, f01, r01, ricohjpnr01 (250 @ 36¢), 200 ritek r02 :Z @ 40¢ <-- my worst buy, ritek g03 @ 30¢ <-- best discs ever, princo 1x 19¢. some of the cmc was free. what really bums me out now is that on that ricohjpnr01 deal i missed having 100 of those discs be ricohjpnr00 aritas since i saw they were 2.4 and the memorex (ricohjpnr01) were 4x i assumed the memo’s were better :frowning:

just a heads up from another thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=628364&postcount=18

29.99 shipped 100pk -r

Yea, Ricoh R00s are sweet discs! Ricohs are better than Riteks even though Ritek makes the Ricohs because Ritek puts in much better quality control into their Ricohs (not to mention, they use different dyes). I’ve only had a few Ricoh R00s that I’ve played with, and they’ve all burned with fantastic results at 8x (which at first was quite a shock to me–that was one of my earliest overspeeding experiences and I was quite newbie-ish at the time ;)).

And it is because I had so much fun with the R00s that I got the Ritek R01s. Little did I know just how much less QC Ritek put into its own discs compared to its Ricoh discs.