Ritek +R 8X R03s, officially JUNK

I just got a look at the last batch of Ritek R03s from Newegg and I wondered how they could have declined in quality so badly and so fast. The last batch I had was no great disc but these had PIE errors in the 60s with totals near 200,000 and PIF totals near 2000 with a few peaks near 10.

Then I saw where they were manufacturered: China.

Any potential users of Ritek should watch out for a change like this. R03s used to be half decent. I have never seen anything from China worth the time to burn it.

I am going to borrow a few and try some different burns. I’ll post back a scan if I can find any way to burn these without embarassment.

I could have told you that :p. In fact I’ve been warning people of those discs for a couple of months now, both the RICOHJPN R02 and RITEK R03 discs in those 8x Ridata spindles have been of poor quality for several months now.

More and more, I’m starting to wonder if Ritek is even doing ANYTHING different in their production of RICOHJPN media at this point vs. their own Ritek media. I am honestly starting to wonder if there is any difference in the dye even, or are they simply using the RICOHJPN media code for some of their own Ritek media. About half of my RICOHJPN R02 spindle has visible dye defects of varying degrees, and even those without visible dye defects don’t burn that great. They aren’t coasters, but I get better burn quality from most of my generic discs such as AML002, fake MCC, than I get with most of these RICOHJPN R02 discs… :rolleyes:

Sorry I missed your posts. Usually I see threads listing Ritek media problems but I guess I missed yours. Of course I noted what you said last week, but I have never seen anyone mention Made in China. That puts a whole new face on the matter and I wanted to put people on notice.

Any manufacturer can have a bad run but changing to a factory that makes junk will generally be permanent.

I think I’ve mentioned it once or twice here, but I’ve mentioned it several times on another site whenever a deal for them comes up. I bought 100 of them for $15 after rebate, and that’s probably more than they’re worth. Mine are made in Taiwan, so it’s not just the made in China discs that are bad.

I’m still having no problems with mine, but I’m in Australia, so we are probably not getting the same product.

ritek’s suck

I tried 8-10 different drive/firmware/speed combinations and was able to find one that was half decent in spite of atrocious PIE totals. Keep in mind, BenQ drive are notoriously inconsistent so this combination may be worse on other drives. This is for made in China discs.

The following was burned on a BenQ 1620 with B7V9, at 8X, WOPC on.

So it was wise of me then to read and heed the recent customer reviews. The +R 8x r03s had always been pretty decent with my benQ so I was happy to see the 100 for $15 deal @ Newegg. Too bad.

I ordered these instead…

Post some scans and list any info such as COO. I would be interested to see if these are any good or if they have gone the way of other Riteks.

I know the dye is not the same as ricoh - just look at the colour. The ritek R03 i have are unlabelled, so I don’t know where they come from. They all burnt bad at first and are getting worse.