Ritek +R 8X R03, $24 delivered, Newegg, after rebate

You never know, once in a while these are OK. Worst case, I have found that burning at 4X will improve burns quite a bit.

These are usually RICOHJPNR02 – not the best Ricoh code. 4x RICOHJPNR01 and 16x RICOHJPNR03 are usually better.

The last time I bought these from the Egg, I got Ritek R03. So that was the LAST TIME I BOUGHT THESE. - Crap!

Yep! It’s hit or miss. To get RicohJPNR03 discs, I’ve been buying Memorex 16X +R locally at Best Buy when they are on sale. If you get a box without a foam spacer at the top of the stacking ring, it is most always Ricoh. :slight_smile: Better than taking a chance with the Egg.

I am no longer recommending any Ritek media so please disregard this post. See here for problems with Ritek.


Holy crap, that is one ugly scan. Hope you can save some of those disk!!!