Ritek or tdk

I’m thinking of getting some dvd+rw discs, but i can’t make up my mind to which brand, the ritek dvd+rw (www.rimedia.com.au) or the tdk dvd+rw (www.strathfield.com.au). sorry but i’m not sure on the manufactures on these or their media codes. anyway which would be the preferred. thanks

Depended on TDK discs MID, probably it is manufactured by RITEK. So what’s the difference :smiley:

The TDK DVD+RW can be either RICOHJPNW11 or PHILIPS041.
If Rimedia = Ritek (I’m not sure), then the DVD+RW can be either RICOHJPNW11 or RITEK004.
All of these DVD+RW types should generally work pretty well.