Ritek obtains Philips certification for 8x DVD+R DL discs

I just posted the article Ritek obtains Philips certification for 8x DVD+R DL discs.

announced January 24 that they obtained certification for 8x DVD+R
DL sometime last week. According to DigiTimes, Ritek is only the third manufacturer, along with MKM
and Ricoh, to…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11424-Ritek-obtains-Philips-certification-for-8x-DVDR-DL-discs.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11424-Ritek-obtains-Philips-certification-for-8x-DVDR-DL-discs.html)

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Oh well, I pray to never ever see RITEK DL media branded as Verbatim. :S

I was rather surprised to see the 50% margin on these faster DL discs. Especially when there seems to be a desire for the pricing to come down on these DL discs.

DL discs are down to less then 2 bucks a disc. By next year they should be under a buck. Now where are the little girls who complained a year ago when they were 15 bucks+ and thought they wouldn’t go down in price???

Even if Ritek gave their DL discs away for free, they’d be too expensive.

Little girls come here and complain? Shocking…

Ritek DL disk ? Bah, they do not work at 2.4x why bother with 8x… eventhough DL disks are 2 bucks or even less as someone mentioned, but what quality are they ??? So crying little girls come and cry again, as price is one thing, but quality of DL disks is quite questionable. Except the MKM dye, but I think that is not 2 bucks.:wink:

They are at 2 bucks a disc.

Do you mean that a Verbatim DL disk cost 2 bucks ? I’ve yet to see any price close to that in Europe. Not even in GBP or Euro.:c

Then have a look at amazon! 25pcs spindle with 2.4x Verbatim +R DL for under €50.

Thanks, found it on the German site. Good to know, impressive price. (local shops sell them for about 4 euro…:frowning: )