Ritek (MIT) vs Prodisc

SmartBuy Depot is selling a variety of Ritek MIT CD-Rs and their house brand CD-Rs (which reportedly are made by Prodisc) and, with the exception of the Ritek Pro series, they are similarly priced. I have seen quite nice scans from Prodiscs on this forum and based on the scans of Ritek and CMC CD-Rs produced the last couple years it appears to me that CMC CD-Rs are now better quality than Ritek CD-Rs, of which the quality has decreased over the years. However, the Ritek scans were primarily of regular CD-Rs sold under big brand names in stores where the masses get their media, so perhaps printable discs sold under Ritek’s own brands are of a higher grade and I know that Ritek was at least at some point highly regarded for CD-Rs. So basically my question is what Myce optical media enthusiasts prefer in 2021? (I should add I already have FTI Premium CD-Rs but those are more expensive, so I am thinking of getting something a little cheaper for non-archiving use, especially for audio CDs for in my car)