Ritek - MIJ

Bought some DVD’s from costco today -
DVD+R - Disc ID: RITEK-R03-02
DVD-R - Manufacturer ID: RITEKG05
These both say made in japan - I never knew they made riteks in japan, I have another DVD-R pack and they are -

Manufacturer ID: MXL RG03

What’s Going on?

oh thay are branded maxell

Wrong shrink wrap was used to package the spindles. That, or the paper stickers with the words “Made in Taiwan/Fabriqué au Taiwan/Hecho en Taiwan” fell off.

is there any other way of identifying it apart from the media code and mij?

Not really, both packaging and discs look the same. If you are serious about it, try keeping track of the location of the 5/PP (polypropylene) triangular recycling symbol on the cover, there may be a pattern there. :slight_smile:

what about the tub itself, there must be something on the bottom of it to identify it, or are they all packed in the same place?

I was thinking the same thing, but I have no idea where they are packed. I have one 50-pack of Ritek and two of RG03, and they are nearly identical, with the difference I noted above. In 15- and 25-packs, I only have Japanese RG03 and 002, so cannot compare those for you.

does anyone here have DVD-R genuine MIJ maxell 50 disk spindle handy :smiley:

Um. Yes…

The recycling logo triangles are on the side opposite the words LOCK and OPEN on the two Japanese 50-packs of MXL RG03 I have. [Is that what you are getting at?]

On one 50-pack of Taiwanese RITEKG05 I bought in Canada last summer, it’s between the words LOCK and OPEN.

What do you have?

And, let’s see if anybody else can help validate or disprove this shaky (and as yet unstated) theory.

also the pack came in clear shrink wrap, not maxell branded shrink wrap

My spindles of 8X+R MIJ, 8X-R MIT, 8X-R MIJ all look the same as post#11. I am not sure there is a way to tell RITEK and MXL spindles apart.

It is possible that all packs are packaged and wrapped in one place and the differences are due to slightly different cakeboxes used at different times.

I don’t normally look for these differences in packaging, but now that I think about it, if there is no plastic “washer” on top of the discs and you can see the hub area, all Ritek discs, -R and +R, have a very long alphanumeric (mostly numeric) code printed in small, black, dot-matrix font in the inner hub area, while Japanese Maxell-made discs have fewer, larger, transparent, barely visible letters and digits in that area.

This is your solution!

yep and the japs are smooth all the way to the center whereas taiwan ones arent.