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Can someone tell me where i can find this ultra reliable Ritek brand of blank dvd-r media. I have tried all the websites i can think of to no avail. Is it possible that they are sold under different brand names, i.e I have sony dvd-rw discs that are actually manufactured by jvc. Thanks guys…great program,great forum.

Try Here. http://www.shop4tech.com/user.htm?go=view_item&id=1179


I personally buy the +R media since I’ve heard that +R media are better than -R media and Ritek is my favorite. Remember that +R media are inherently at 2.4X speed already, so the price comparison between 1X DVD-R and DVD+R should take this into account. I think DVD+R is cheaper than 2X DVD-R anyways. I did order 25 4X DVD-R to try out and it is faster, but takes 1:30 to start writing and 1:30 to finalize - an extra 3 minutes.

I can burn a full +R disc in 23 minutes. 4X DVD-R media takes 14 minutes of actual writing + 3 minutes to start/finalize for a total of 17 minutes… not a big difference.

No problems in over 150+ burns and I mean not a single coaster at all. This is on a Sony DRU-500A. Great for both my movies AND PS2 backups. I love the Ritek media!

Very popular merchant for Ritek: http://www.rima.com

I have recently read on a forum elsewhere (sorry,cleared my cache and I can’t remember where it was ) that there was dodgy ritek media on the market in europe that has found it’s way onto on-line stores. I can verify this because I have just done a read test using nero cdspeed on a dvd-r that played badly for me…guess what, it is identified as ritek and failed on an ‘unrecoverable read error’. I don’t blame ritek for this,they obviously got into the wrong hands…so much for certainty. Has anyone else come across this?


I did not know ritec manufactured thier own disks!
I always thought ritec was manufactured by Ricoh Japan.
Nero lets you copy & paste your dvdinfo, I also got the same results with ADVDInfo.

Same results from three different lots of Ritec from two different merchants.

Manufacturer : Ricoh
Disc Type : DVD+R
Usage : General
Recording Layer : -
Recording Speed : -
Capacity : -

Additional Capacity : -
Overburn Capacity : -

Try Traxdata’s they are one of the best Ritek disks around.

Also SVP are now selling aRitek called “one” from www.01ne.co.uk

I have used both of these and they are very reliable on the Pionner 104…

Originally posted by phuocle

I personally buy the +R media since I’ve heard that +R media are better than -R media and Ritek is my favorite. {…}[/B]

Of course, if your drive only supports -R media you don’t really have a choice. As far as I know there is only a handful of drives on the market that support both formats…

The drive I have (DVR-105) isn’t one of them… But in my comparisons with my friends +R drive I haven’t noticed any difference… All the -R discs I have made have played in every player I have tried, even my ancient Toshiba SD-3109…

Just so you know Ritek is the number 1 DVD-R manufacturer in the world with more than 50% of the market share.

Yet Ritek makes like the worst cdrw dye doesnt it?


There has been a shortage of Ritek dvd-rs for awhile, this site sell the Ritek G03 for a pretty good price. I personally agree that Ritek manufacture one of the best storage media in the market.

@xtacydima: No way! If you have a look at Dolphinus_Rex’s website, you’ll see that RiTEK CD-R discs are of EXCELLENT QUALITY! I can back that up with my personal experience. RiTEK CD-R’s in general are extremely reliable and record with very low error rates.

Originally posted by xtacydima
Yet Ritek makes like the worst cdrw dye doesnt it?
Let me disagree with your statement.
The Ritek CDRs have never caused me any pain in the neck, they are very reliable and compatible media .
According to my experience, it’s one of the best Type B CDRs available.
Fully agree with the terminalvelocd’s and Phil Thomas’s opinions on that.

he’s talking about ritek’s rewritable discs, not the recordables.

Ritek’s phtalocyanine discs are pretty good, I would say. I read they ordered dye from Ciba in Switzerland.

Originally posted by Darth Boy
he’s talking about ritek’s rewritable discs, not the recordables.

I read they ordered dye from Ciba in Switzerland.
I hope so.

The Ciba’s 2nd dye, Super Green, generated a huge process window for the CDR manufacturers,
which means that they could easily produce good CDRs.
The only problem was that the dye was rather expensive.

The Ciba’s 3rd dye, Ultra Green, is still better and most importantly relatively cheap.
This made many manufacturers to go over to the usage of the Ciba’s dyes.


I’ve purchased from them a few times that they are fast and prices are great!

I have bought some ICCIP dvd-r’s which are really riteks G04.
Atleast that is how they are identified. But when i look at the bottom of the DVD’s there are a couple of spots on every DVD, escpecially near the edge. It looks like dust, but at close examination it is in the dye itself.
They read ok but I dont thinnk the spots are a sign of great quallity. Eaven my princo’s dont have them.
Well maybe they are fake’s… but if not, i cant be very possitive about ritek. Can someone please tell me if the spots can cause big problems?

Hmmm…the only discs with “spots” that I ever see are Princos! :Z


Is this the topic you were talking about?