Ritek Media



I got some Ritek G04 DVD-R’s.

Keeping them in as good condition as they are.

For example keeping them in the right heat, not scrtching them etc.

Will they last forever or will eventually levels on the scan chart on CD/Speed start to gradually drop as time goes on…

Can someone also please give me a screen shot of a scan of a good brand of media i just need something to indicate that i wrote the DVD-R’s ok. Plese show me the graph of whats good, then maybe whats average and whats bad aswell. Also what do i click to do the scan??


Nothing lasts forever this is the same with media but the better the media the better chance of it lasting longer…
How long well that is the same as asking how long is a piece of string …
If you want to go as long as possible keep them out of light and scratch free…


test a couple every 3 months, better to be safe that sorry.