Ritek media w/V2.TB RC2 Firm?

Which is the best media choice for +r disk, 4x or 8x. I used the old beta 9 firmware and when I burned over 8x it makes my disc skip. I have a 3500.
I wanted to know if the 4x will burn just as good with the new firm at least 8x or higher better than the 8x. It will help me save a few bucks.

FujiFilm, TY or Verbatim 8X

Fuji’s never go onsale! Which TY? I used Verbatim 8x before and they gave me more errors than the Ritek.

were do you live?


the usa is the cheapest and best place to buy media, try rima.com or newegg.com

Fuji’s never go on sale!

Best Buy has them on sale quite often. Just be sure to look for “Made in Japan” on the label if you want TYs.


With 4X discs, you’ll probably at best get burn speed of 8X.

what do you guys think about the memorex 8x fm taiwan. I also got the verbatim 16x fm taiwan.

if the memorex are CMC media code then they are not very good, and the verbatims should be ok.
didn`t you find any Taiyo Yudens?

found some at supermedia but some guys were posting in the media forum that they weren’t very good. Also they stated that it was a drop in the hat whether they got TY01 OR TY02.

TY01/02 are -R media, i thought you wanted +R which are T02 and very good get the TYs or FujiFilm brand. a lot of people are scanning them in older liteons like the 811s/851s and are not getting true scans (myself included).

I get the TYG02 (8X -R) hub printable from RIMA.com. $67/100 and very reliable. They can be burned at 12x with stock firmware, or 16X with modified on the 3500. Even though the 12 and 16x burns still (usually) play for me, I am more comfortable with the very low PI/PIF scans that I get burning at 8X on my 3500. PIF at 8x is always below 200 total, and often below 100 total, scaned in my Benq 800@822. Someday I would like to try the TY +R’s, but I can’t find them in hub printable format. (My Epson Stylus R300 Christmas present has been almost as much fun as my NEC 3500!)

I learned something new about the different TY’s. Thanks! The memorex I stated previously are Prodisc R03. I got them fm BB for 50pk/19.99.

they should be ok, but memorex are a brand to avoid.

Are the memorex disk to avoid because of the drive or firmware? On supermedia site they got customer reviews of near perfect as did the Ritek, Verbatim and sometimes the TY’s. The TY’s are up and down on their rating…

because they are unreliable and manily use CMC dye and are an e-net brand (dam pukey smiley wount work). i cant realy comment on supermedias reviews except to say i don`t read shop reviews only cdfreaks comments on media.

I live in illinois, was able to get (2) fuji 50 packs at $19.99. Purchased them at Fry’s electronics, they have a web site www.outpost.com