Ritek Media Failure: Best Burner Recommendation to Read Error-Prone Media



It seems I have joined the club with a lot of other people with failing Ritek 4x & 8x DVD+R media. I am noticing disks that were fine six months ago now becoming unreadable and I can’t access the data sufficiently to get it off the bad media and onto something new.

So what is the best current burner model available that will handle error-filled media, because my Pioneer and NEC burners sure aren’t it.

This Ritek business has been very disturbing considering I always burned conservatively, and the media was highly recommended at the time. It makes you wonder just how worthwhile burned media is going to be when it is 1-2 years old.


Just a personal experience here - I’ve found that my LiteOn drives read trashed discs very well (Ritek G05 being one). My LGs just wouldn’t read them.



Any particular LiteOn model recommended these days?


From personal experience, I can recommend the 1693S, but I’m not sure where you’d find one.

The latest drives, I believe, are good too…there is a little problem with writing -R discs, but I think that’s being worked on as I type. :slight_smile:


DVD-R problems fixed with test media for most drives, if you’re willing to take such risks, of course.


I’d take the risk in a heartbeat if I had a 5S or 6S drive…but at present, I have a 1693S - no such problems there. :slight_smile: