Ritek Media (CD/DVD) Is Horrible Now?

Hi guys,

I just thought I’d share my experiences and frustration.

I have been trying to burn Arita and RiData branded Ritek CD-Rs in my Lite-on 52x burner and NEC 3500a and 32-40x and the results I am getting are disappointed. The drive starts by reading the disc extremely slow and has C2 errors at the end (like it matters, the write quality of the non C2 error sectors is so low these drives and other readers have so much trouble anyway).

That is my experience with Ritek media (besides the first spindle of Arita’s that seemed to be ok).

Now I have purchased (before hating Ritek more) Ridata M02 DVD-R media for my NEC 3500 with 2.16 firmware and I have burned three discs. One was a raw data disc of 3.7 gigs which seemed fine.

Now I have burned 2 PS2 images (of the same game). One disc (much like the CD-Rs) has no errors but is read back extremely slow while the other burn can be read back extremely fast.

Is it just me or is Ritek media all crap now? I keep trying to find consistent media since finding TY is hit-and-miss and it seemed Ritek was a good alternative.

At either rate I am not pleased with Ritek, especially the CDRs! I swear those HP CMCs must be better!

Anyway let me know what you guys think.

I’ve burnt over 200 discs of Ritek g04’s and never had a problem… although there have been many cases of bad batchs recently concerning Ritek discs.