Ritek made in Germany?

I just bought Philips 50disc spindle 32x in same price as 48x with a black Philips logo on the disc (not in Taiwan’s 48x). All disc ID programs say Ritek made disc but the package label says “Made in Germany” 2 times with LOT codes ,around spindle .BTW burn in 48x is without errors at all . What happened ? Ritek bought or made factory in Germany ? or Germany factory use Ritek materials? - Also package looks stronger than other spindles - Germany quality by Philips ?

Notice: there are 2 licensees Philips factories in Germany :
1)Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.
2)PrimeDisc Technologies GmbH


If the ATIP says Ritek, then you should believe that.

Maybe they are made by the Ritek-Philips Joint Venture
PrimeDisc Tecnologies in Germany

From the Ritek company history:
1999 - RITEK and PHILIPS formed a strategic alliance
and established joint venture optical factory in Germany