Ritek M02?

Sorry if this has already been covered, did a search and found nothing.

Looking at SVP today and saw a pack of 50 white unbranded Ridata DVD-R (4x) with media code .RITEKM02. Not heard of that, so I thought I’d ask. :slight_smile:

Different dye or G04 but a different factory?


Found this VIA Google from this site:


Supposedly, the RITEKM02 is a new disc type based on a Mitsubishi dye instead of Ritek’s vaunted (not!) G04 dye. I dunno. That’s what what I heard."


Silly me, using the forum’s search function…

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Google, a wonderful thing…


Burns 8x on a Pio107. Wrong colour, but same dye. At 30p per disc, about the same as a G04. If it does burn 8x then it’s a good price.

Hi, been using M02 disc’s for a while, and to be honest find them rubbish!!
near the end the films most will go blocky and a few will stop half way through
the film!!, never had hardly any trouble with the original g04 dyes.

best left alone i recon :confused:

Hmmm… Reminds me of Princo… Damn! :a

I bought a pack on the weekend, thought they were g04 but got m02. Turned out ok, dunno how exactly they compare to g04 but similar i think. PI around 30-40, read curve very good cept for the top disc or 2 i think.
last page here :

Hey, that is my thread. I was able to get them to burn better than my previous post by using the Ritek G06 strat. This was the best I could get them to burn

I never got them to burn good at 8x.

I probably got 25 disks that would play good out of the 50 I bought. Since then I switched to TY. They may cost 75 cents per disk but the 50 pack of Riteks were 45 cents a piece and about half of them ended up not playing properly. That made them around 90 cents per usable disk.

dvd-recordable did a review of them . I think i will stick with the g04’s for know