Ritek Longevity

I heard a few rumours that ritek G04 and G05 were becoming unreadable after 12 months or so (similar to Princo and BeAll). Have many people had this problem as I have had good success with G04?

I have had over 50 Ritek G04 printables fail totally within 1 year
I have many Ritek G04 non-printables still good after 2 years

All my G04s went south.



My G05’s burned earlier last year - still test good-


I have had really good luck with my G04s. I have had mine for at least 18 months and they still work great. I think I have one that is starting to give me problems but that could’ve been the fault of the original source disc since it is pretty scratched.

Ugh! I’ll be testing my g05s after every few months, then. That’s scary to know.

Oh Damn, So dvd media cant be trusted. I did see some Benq (Sony media code) stop working after 3-4months.

Well, sometimes one poster has said that if the media is labeled, that the label can warp and make the dvd unreadable. I suppose it depends on the media, if all you get in the batch (25 pk, 50pk, 100pk or more) is all good, with no defects, then storage conditions can affect it (the ideal is somewhere around 68F at 40% humidity, although so long as the humidity is fairly constant and you keep it in a dark, cool place, it should be fine). For example, my Ritek Ridata wrapper says storage conditions can vary from 23F-131F, between 10-90% humidity and things be ok, although I wouldn’t want that kind of a variance. As long as it’s not in the light (UV especially) and the room temperature has some variation, there may not be cause for concern there. I did read that several people said never get silver matte anything, only silver shiny or unlabeled, as that eliminates problems with labels… I haven’t read anything about ritek g05 longevity being a problem necessarily, although their quality control is sometimes an issue on other threads. I guess the moral is to store it in a cool, dark place, then rescan it in a year to check it and see how that compares to the original scan. Besides that, it seems the best thing other than not trying cheap media is to get a good brand, then not worry about what you can’t control. :stuck_out_tongue:

rescan in a year?
3 months tops, or you will be very very sorry.
(I have some ritek G05 disks, that are looking iffy after 3 months)

Probably the B Grade stuff bought from an E-Net store…

All my G04 media burnt over a year ago still scans excellently, the only G04 I’ve had to reburn were half a dozen disk in which the inner hub had cracked.

IIRC I’m only seeing very small deterioration in a few old burns well over 18 months old, but they are still well within acceptable limits. This could well be down to firmware changes or drive wear.

The only meda I’ve had cause for concern over is some verbatim 4x media which all of a sudden seemed to deterioate (almost becoming unreadable) and slightly discoloured on the data side. As I regulary scan (atleast every 2 months) my most valuable disks I managed to get the data off intact.

Wouldnt worry about ritek media in general as long as you get genuine A/B grade stuff, just don’t buy the landfill quality stuff (ie any of ENET’s brands). Remember saving a couple of pennies per disk can later end up really costing you dear in money, time, data and hair!