Ritek: "grade A" vs "super grade"

meritline has g04 in either “grade A” or “super grade”. what’s the difference? i remember reading that grade A is actually made by ritek whereas other grades are outsourced. but what about super grade?

If you’re buying from Meritline, you’ll get most anything. They’re well-known for shipping something other than what was advertised. Suggest you try http://www.accaproducts.com/ or http://www.rima.com/ (same company).

I can second that… Don’t trust anything they say on their product pages as being what they actually have.
One thing they do know is what people are looking for and they are willing to tell you what you want to hear.

The question was about Super Grade, not just about newegg.com.

I see that meritline has this supergrade stuff too, just wondering if it is better, worse or the same as the ridata branded grade A ritek discs, which Ive burned tons of without a problem.

No, the original question was about Meritline and supposed “super grade” G04 media. That writer is confused on one thing. Ritek supposedly sells their grade A products under Ritek, Ridata, or Ricoh names and sells other lessor grades under names like Arita & others. They don’t outsource any. Ritek makes all of their own.

Meritline has incurred a lot of complaints for shipping merchandise different from what is ordered. To get a handle on the outfit, check out http://www.resellerratings.com Beware, Meritline operates under several different business names, as do some other companies in this business.

Never heard of “super grade”. I suspect the term was concocted in their marketing department - Meritlines, not Ritek’s.

As far as NewEgg is concerned, be aware that they won’t accept returns anymore. I got stuck with 100 of those wonderful Ritek G04 media that wouldn’t burn on either of my burners. Ended up giving them away to a person who’s set-top recorder would use them. That experience cost $100 bucks three months ago. Never again, NewEgg!

I agree. NewEgg has adopted a “selective” policy on not accepting returns but states “exchange for same item only”. This as I said is a selective thing only on certain items. I have made it my policy to not buy any item from them that has this policy in force. I still buy from them on items that don’t have that statement…
I have bought a lot of equipment from them in the past but I’ll be damned if I’m going to get stuck with something and have no recourse but to stay stuck with it…

Wow, sounds like Meritline needs to do lunch with the BBB. It amazes me some of the complete crap companies get away with. Too bad every person who gets the wrong thing can’t return it, that’d curb their bs real quick.

How long have they been doing that crap of sending the wrong items? That’s certainly got to be illegal. Maybe the BBB people are just sitting on their asses drinking Starbucks all day. Or Meritime is jumping through every loophole in the laws they can fit through. In which case, we seriously need some updated (and enforced) laws concerning internet retail sales, and false bs advertising.

If it were me in charge, I’d give them a short time to fix the crooked ways, or tell em they’re shut down. Kicking them in the ass on their way out. I’d also make sure the owner (the source of all the bs) would lose all his money, just like his employees. I’m just sick of these big wigs who destroy their own companies, then make off with millions, I wish I could bitch slap em.

Doom9.org forum had some issues about Meritline.

Keep in mind that the BBB is an organization of, by and for businesses - it isn’t intended to do the bidding of customers, and it seldom does so. The purpose of the BBB is to promote businesses, no more, no less. One way they do that is by creating the public impression that members operate their businesses in a reputable manner. Whether they really do or not is an entirely different manner.

I don’t want this to turn into a political debate, but I strongly disagree with you about needed new laws. We definitely do not need new laws. What we need are citizens who are willing to stand up for themselves instead of demanding that the government protect them. Think about it - to expect the government to protect you is a bit like asking the fox to guard the chickens.

When you are harmed by a business in some manner, do everything legal you can to make them set it right. Contact the company - let them know about the problem. Tell them what you expect (be reasonable). If they have a public discussion area (forums) join and tell your story. Make the appropriate entries to web sites like http://www.resellerratings.com Be sure you don’t order again from the company unless things are set right. Do what you can to assure others are aware of the problems. Small claims court might even be a good resource in certain cases (I’m not an attorney nor do I play one on TV - get your personal legal advice elsewhere). A claim in a Texas small claims court can be quite a problem for a company based in California.

I think your vision of these companies being run by “big wigs” with lots of money is probably inaccurate as well. My guess is that most of them are operated by individuals or small groups who are just trying to make a buck just like you and I. Problem is, some do it with integrity, some don’t.