RITEK GO5-L23 media code



Anybody tried these new discs?


Interesting question.

Anything with a MID starting with “G05-” would put me off, though.


Yeh, I know what you mean…

Check em out here http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/store/4/cat/Storage-Media


Never heard of this before. I wonder if the L23 means its G05 without degradation problems. LOL


This version uses the BRAND NEW Excellent High Quality GO5-L23 media code, Which is one of the highest ranked and best Quality Dyes in the DVD market Today; giving a faultless performance on every burn


And the ones you linked to say RITEK G011?!


Lol, thats ebuyers part number for the product. hehe


Hehe, cheers for clearing that up - I was mystified for a minute :bigsmile:…as you can tell, I never shopped with ebuyer! :slight_smile:


I will tell you what it stands for but you never heard it from me :slight_smile:

After the many complaints and potential lawsuits, and to avoid any liabilities and to cover their arses basically, they have decided to append L23…

L23 means Lasts 23 days. So now when you buy your RITEKs you buy them with confidence, they are dubbed “temporary backups” you know what you are getting :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Well you should cause its cheap. But if anything goes wrong with an order they wont help you as they only have email customer support which is terrible.

Bloody G05 it just keeps biting people in the arse. I wish these retailers would stop calling it the “most compatible, problem free AAAAAAA+++++++ disc ever made, we love it, its the best!!!”


[QUOTE=chancooluk]Well you should cause its cheap. But if anything goes wrong with an order they wont help you as they only have email customer support which is terrible

I have been dealing with Ebuyer for many years, And I have no end of good service from them, even when things go wrong it`s always sorted, and their prices are the best :wink:

They do have telephone support…


I don’t think the L23 code means anything as I have read reports of them degrading aswell :rolleyes:


LOL you should see on blankmedia.ca, they call it “The World Reknown RITEK G05 dyes” LOL they are reknown alright, for being CRAP media! :smiley:


@Greg42 - Man, that was bloody hillarious!

Yeah, I’ve got a bunch of them. If you check out my “Hooray for Ritek!..” thread I explain possible differences in degradation between spindle codes. (I’m just assuming that L23 must refer to the spindle code shrug) Nothing concrete, as all my L23 and L25 burns are really too new compared to the codes that have all failed already. So far those ones are ok, but I’ve backed them up and really don’t have high hopes. I’ll be putting up further scans of all the disks I used to test in that thread.

So far pretty much every 05L, 22L, 21L and 08L disk has either died completely or is in the process of dying. The 23L’s I have “might” be ok, but I’m not about to gamble on it. Best of luck if you buy them. Remember, cheap media is usualy cheap for one reason or another and you can end up paying more in terms of not only replacement disks and failed burns, but in lost data. It’s not worth it for my money.

EDIT: £9 for 50 disks inc. VAT. You can definiately get passable media in that price range, but you’re in the “budget” market really at that price. Hey, it probably won’t burn as well, but it will have less chance of doing a Mission Impossible self-destruct in a month or two.
One option is Datawrite Greys 8x dvd-r currently on discount delivery at SVP. I think they are prodiskF01, and honestly, they are burning very well in my BenQ1620 with latest firmware. Again, they are a budget disk, so I will be monitoring them very closely, and using most of them for other people. Heh. I expected much worse burns anyway, as I only bought them along with my TY as half the cost was covered due to the reduced shipping cost.
I’ll probably be trying the TDK disks they have at SVP as well soon, just for fun. The +r’s have had some good reviews around the net.


I’ve got some Prodisc F02s burned about a year ago (not my choice, someone bought them for me) - Datawrite Grey from SVP, as you said, but the 16x variety.

For not-so-good discs, I’m pleasantly surprised they’ve lasted this long :slight_smile: