Ritek Go4 printables failing with time

so I have told you about my Ritek G04 printables (white inner circle) J3-03xxx failing after 1 month
I have now discovered my Ritek G04 printables (frosted inner) H5-3L1931 are on their way out, these have lasted 2 years though,
but the PI errors are upto 900 (from approx 120 when first burned), and time to replace them all I think. (all were stored in the dark)
(my amp always warns me, as it has a BIG blue dolby digital light, and this flicks off and on whan a disk gets a bit iffy PI error wise)

Poor old BenQ can’t finish a scan of it, burnt March 2003 @4x on Pioneer 104

grade A ritek printable G04 serial J3-03xxx burnt october 2004 @4x on NEC2500a

PI errors after burn <120, PI errors now <1200

Wow, those are ugly.

Scanned some of my old riteks (not printable), and they don’t look so bad, but :eek: i think i must put my riteks under surveillance. PI was under 5 after burn, but now :Z