Ritek G4 how do you know

hi all new here nice to meet you all.

just a short question about ritek dvd g4 4x disks

i get ritek g4 printables for my pc now i find that i dont know if thay are a high grade a or just a low grade.

now i have high grade and low grade i know this because the high grade when i write to them have a perfect burnt colour but the low grade seem to have a high dark and low dark patchs of burn all over the disk.

so when i get them i dont know if i am getting high or low grasde ritek g4 disks how can you tell.

the thing with non printables you can go off the label on the disk so you know what your getting but wiht a white printable you dont know what your getting.

i have had no problems with the high grade but the low grade are just crap but like i said how can you tell

thansk to the people who can help

oh alos i have a new 8x burner how can you tell what are the best to get with that to

I can’t tell which is high grade printable G04 before burning them.
Some ppl can see the defects in the dye colour but even those without could fail you.

TY and Singapore MCC Verbatim printable blanks are more reliable imho.

That’s the understatement of all time - even good Ritek come now where near TY. Ritek at present can ge good or v.poor - so why ae people still asking about Ritek’s, are they any good, are the ok - simply, if so many people (regular Ritek customers) are being stung by paying good money for trash - just stop using them. There are many other good quality media - and then there is the best, TY - they are hard to find but you can buy TY -r/+r in the UK, it’s just they cost between £0.80-1.30 - in canada / usa you are spoilt.