Ritek G05

Are these any good?




The best you can get :stuck_out_tongue:

Just search the forum for “Ritek G05” and you will know :smiley: :smiley:

Now that is plain evil :bigsmile:…shows the value of the Search function, though. :wink:

I agree, do a search and you’ll be faced with more opinions on that media than any other (aside from the obvious Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden), I should think :wink:

The value of the Search function is zero if threads and not posts are searched for. :frowning:

i choked on my tea as that got posted not taking the michael :p. arachne’s said it all though TY or verbies :slight_smile:

Advanced Search -> Keywords: Ritek G05. :wink:

And even if just thread titles are searched, plenty of hits will still be found.

But yes, seriously now - if you value your data at all, do not buy these discs.

Edit: ROTFL @ Marcus’s edit reason :bigsmile:

Here’s one of many threads on the subject:

Ritek G05 is crap media!

G05 Info | This link is an ugly piece of paraphrasing | Info G05

If you really want Ritek [B]DVDRs[/B]:

  1. Use [B]only [/B]+R (R05, R03, P16…) , not -R. :disagree:
  2. Buy [B]branded[/B] discs from a [B]reputable [/B]brand (Ridata, Traxdata, Maxell), not unbranded discs or el-cheapo brands like Ridisc, Rivision, Arita… :disagree:

For [B]CDRs[/B], the Ridata discs you link to should be fine. :iagree: