Ritek G05



What do you do with a disk like this,
memorex branded?
several others from this batch scanned awful after this much time, why didn’t this one?


This scan doesn’t look good, especially the high PI Error rate…
Just like some TY or MCC discs can become coasters because their quality is bad, this time it’s a rare anti-coaster by Ritek, a rare occasion of good quality G05. This can even occur with the worst quality discs :iagree:


Not long before the mad PI error rate spills into higher PIFs - the “quality” score is not representative.


Hopefully you will be able to back all your Ritek G05 burns up on better media. I went through this about a year ago and managed to save about 75% of my burns on G05 the rest were unrecoverable due to cyclic redundancy errors. FYI. My Lite On’s read some discs that the BenQ’s would not.


I transfered the data to a TYG02 just to be safe, but if the dye was bad then my other
disks out of this batch should have shown similar results, they did not and got replaced
last winter. Maybe dye spread but not dye chemistry.
just scanned a mcc 002 verbatim that zeroed out in the first gig!
Gosh, you can’t trust any manufacturer. except TY


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Please use the “blank media tests” forum [I]only[/I] for [I]full reports[/I], complying to the guidelines, as clearly asked in the stickies. :cop:

To the question: why would they all fail? The problem with G05 is not bad technology, it’s poor manufacturing/quality control of -R discs by Ritek. Not all G05 (or recent G04) will necessarily fail. It’s simply a crapshoot…


And still, Ritek sells crap. When will the market finally put them out of business?


Only when quality is understood by all. First time users will always assume that all disks are the same and people are only purchasing the brand for the name rather than for the quality.


Add to this the countless internet pages mentioning Ritek as premium media… :rolleyes:


what’s the story on old verbatims, the mcc 002?


I bought my first batch of G05s after haveing good to great experiences with G04. After that one batch Ididn’t touch them again in spindle quanties though I did try singles every so often just to make sure it wasn’t a bad batch and they were pretty much all the same.


What I find truly scary about this post is the brand: Memorex. That’s a top of the line brand IMHO and if they’re using the G05, who can you trust…


Memorex is selling B- and Z-grade media from lots of different manufacturers - CMC, MBI, Ritek…
They are even using their own cakeboxes to hide the origin.

I would consider Verbatim, TDK or That’s top of the line brands since they (also) have own factories.


No no no, Memorex is no premium brand… they’re what I’d call a budget brand at a premium price! :doh: Pretty much everything they use is a mix of A and B grades from large manufacturers like Ritek, CMC, Prodisc, and MBIL.


Just because it has a recognisable name is no gaurantee of quality. Memorex used to be good for VHS and they may be playing on this in the DVD-/+R market, but if they continue to use inferior quality then they will soon see their market drop.


Don’t be so sure about that. :frowning: They have a long history, going back to the seventies, of selling average products while maintaining a strong public image of premium, top-notch brand, just like [I]Bose[/I] for hi-fi loudspeakers (sorry for any Bose lover). Their marketing srategy is actually very efficient, consumer-orientated. It’s all in the image. [I]Everyone[/I] knows Memorex, even you grandma I bet.

The relationship betwen the quality of a product and the actual sales is far more complex, and in a way thinking that a good product will sell and a bad product won’t, is a little like believing in fairy tales… it’s sad but advertising is so efficient that most people will prefer to buy a “comfortable” lie than to search for real quality. It’s true for any product actually. Only a small percentage of consumers are looking for “genuine” quality… the rest buy, more or less, what they’re told to.


Memorex, I don’t find surprising after several months of being a CD Freak…what I do find surprising, is that Maxell, and even good ol’ Verbatim have been known to use G05…


Same reasons as Memorex and the rest. Average dumfook buys whatever label looks familiar. If they get crappy results they might complain a bit but then just shrug it off and move on. Certainly not like this place where all of the media research has been done.


Sheesh, you’re talking about the consumers here, you don’t happen to work for Sony do you? :wink:


When people first start they are in the dark and use names they are familiar with, those they can afford or those avaiable where they live. Finding a site like this is great for those that do, but it is not generally advertised where the media is sold or in PC magazine.

We all start somewhere.