Ritek G05 with 3500

Has anyone had any good results with Ritek G05 on a 3500? I have a 100 pack of these discs but my lite-on 411@811 doesn’t like them and I recently bought a 3500 but haven’t gotten it in yet. Which firmware works best with these? Do you have any scans?

havent had any problems but no scans either unfortunately.

TRAXDATA 8x DVD-R, Ritek G05:


No problems with these …

I use FW 2C8 from TDB, as this FW has the latest writing strategies.


My Ritek 8x -R G05’s work just fine in both my 3500’s


Have some ANV GO5’s. They burn well for me including the Thomson Drive XBox. :wink:

You may want to check THIS thread out for scans. :wink:

Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Ive got some ANV Ritekg05 discs and using lippys beta8 bios these burn at 12x without problem, altho i havent done any extensive tests on them yet, but the nero cd speed seems to be a nice curve.#