Ritek G05 question

I’ve been having problems with my writer and the Datasafe Grey Tops at 8x

I want to try a high quality media at a reasonable price to see if my problem is a media or hardware problem
Is the G05 writable at 8x with the stock 1.06 firmware? (I’ve seen conflicting posts)
If not, what would you reconmend? - Verbatim 8x?


Use TDK media - I’ve burned TDK x4 DVD-R at@x8 with original firmware.

I agree, TDK 4x DVD-R are either Taiyo Yuden or TTG discs. They work perfectly @8x. On the other hand, Ritek G05 discs are known to cause problems. That’s why their writing speed is restricted to 4x in the latest official NEC firmware.