Ritek G05 = New Honorary Princo!



I just returned Maxell MIT Media code Ritek G05 to Maxell USA. They scanned as corrupt media with Plextools.


Hehe. Mine ended up in the Auto stategy data base, I couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t burn any faster than 4x in the Plex so did a little search and there it was.:wink:


The pack I bought was a “retail” version. I hope it isnt too affected, at least until I can back up the ones I’ve used.


I won’t touch any MIT media at this point. I had great luck with Ritek G03/G04 discs and I still think that they are great media as I have had them for over two years and they all still work great, but I would not buy ANY Ritek media at this point given all of the mixed reviews.


TY -R, Verbatim -R, Sony -R (MIJ) Maxell -R (MIJ)


I have been buying Ritek G3, G4 and lately G5 for the past 3 years.
Started with a Panasonic Sw-9571, then a Pioneer 106D and now a NEC 4551.

A friend of mine just told me he had to throw away hundreds of G05 8x printable media because after a few weeks/months they are unplayable. Not even the same drive that burned them recognizes the discs. He uses G05 (8x) white inkjet printable media because he owns an Epson R200 printer, while I use standard media, and only occasionally use white inkjet media.

He told me the main problem was with G05 white inkjet printable media, but G04 printable is much better and most of these still work, while the G05 printable do not.

So I have started checking my recordings and they all play fine, because I mainly have G03, G04 (not printable), a few G04 printable, a few G05 (not printable) and very very few G05 printable discs.

Just some info.
I am going to start buying TY and will never use Ritek again.



Checked a few of my G05’s that were burnt in 2005 and about 30% have VERY HIGH PIFs and require reburning.

G05 sucks!