Ritek G05 - NEC 2500a - 8X (YES|NO)



Has anyone had success with burning at 8X with this combination. If so what firmware are you running?



I didn’t burn those but Herrie’s firmware 107V2B4 or B5 recognize them at 8X.


Yep RitekG05 burns fine at 8X on NEC 2500A with most firmwares.
I’m running a firmware very similar to 107 HV2B5.
Keep in mind that some RitekG05 discs can be lower quality, but all recent reports seem to indicate that the quality for most of these discs is pretty good now.


Whats the official site for herries firmware? is it http://www.herrie.org/ ?

Also is there a duplicate download site, that one seems to be offline temporarily.



I found a mirror for 107v2b5 if that’s what you’re looking for:


You can also check out rpc1.org which has pretty much every firmware you could think of. Make sure you leave off the www on that address. Just use http://


Thanks everyone, now my 50 pack of G05’s wont goto waste afterall.

I LOVE THE NET <excluding pop ups and spam>


No waste at all. I use them too w/ herrie’s DL f/w and burns very well @ 8x.


the burn speed of G05 is 8x
there is no @


I can burn @6x or @4x if I choose to but no need to slow down the burn speed since the quality @8x is good w/ this media. Other media of lesser quality need to be burnt @ a speed slower than the rated speed so as not to turn them into coasters/minimize errors.



Have burned some terrific looking movie backups to my G05’s on my old 2500- even better with my new Tayio Yudens-

Happy Burnin’