Ritek G05- My experience -Worst Discs Ever

I thought that with G05 it was just the lower quality stuff that went crap after a few months but no. Its not.

Ive done some scans from brands which include Ridata, Traxdata, And Maxell. All have gone terribly bad after initially good scans. I’m so angry that ive got to reburn them…

Just to let you know, EVERY single G05 disc that i have burned has gone down the crapper. They arent even good enough for porn. Which officially makes them worse than the dreaded Princo. Even my FAKE discs are still holding there data without any problems.

I realise that many people know how bad these discs are. But just to let all the people who dont know. They are quite simply the worst discs in existence.

These are just a few of my many, many ruined discs:

  1. Ridisc Xtreme :Z
  2. Ridata :Z
  3. Traxdata :Z

Worst disc ever?

You haven’t seen Princo -R and especially Princo DVD-RW media. :Z

I mean the worst disc ive ever used “my experience”.

It might come as a shock but some of my Princo discs are still keeping their data.

Actually i ahve a friend who used to use Princo and i’d say his Princo beat any “Ri” disc i saw. Last 2 “Ri” discs i burned were unreadable after burn so i threw them all out. 2x25 i got by mistake (for free) and 2x25 Datawrite Titanium 16x-R (i got them bc they were bundled with cheap ink @ svp) went out same time. No reason to keep that junk on my shelves taking up space :wink:

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have hundreds of 3+ year old Princos and they all still scan (and play) fine.

Ritek and princo stuff, personally not my stuff :Z


Welcome to the wide world of G05’s gone to crap-

Here is the worst scan ever seen:


And the incredable thing is - it is on Taiyo Yuden 4x TYG01 -R media!!!


Random pull. I remember when all the Ritek snobs told me these wouldn’t last!

It is very funny… I pulled some old G03 Riteks to compare. The worst of them has some superficial scratches along the rim that might be responsible for the bad spot; however, I’ve seen the same thing on Princos and it had no effect on the scans. Furthermore the same ‘bad spot’ is on another disc and it’s physically perfect.

How ironic.

Sorry for your issues, but I can’t help mentioning that you wouldn’t have had this opinion if you’d browsed the Blank media section more often…

The early degradation G05 issue has been reported here even with discs from “premium” brands as Ridata, Maxell, Traxdata. Looks like the issue is less frequent with these brands, but existent nonetheless… :frowning:

No report (as yet) with the Verbatim “pearl white” G05 discs (Pearl white: Verbatim european’s “budget” line). It probably won’t take long. :frowning:

OMG… You Hit The Nail On The Head… G05 disk should be all junked… Worst dvd-r i ever purchased in my life…

Ritek had let me down with this spindle of crap

I have been buying Ritek G3, G4 and lately G5 for the past 3 years.
Started with a Panasonic Sw-9571, then a Pioneer 106D and now a NEC 4551.

A friend of mine just told me he had to throw away hundreds of G05 8x printable media. He uses G05 (8x) white inkjet printable media because he owns an Epson R200 printer, while I use standard media, and only occasionally use white inkjet media.

He told me the main problem was with G05 white inkjet printable media, but G04 printable is much better and most of these still work, while the G05 printable do not.

So I have started checking my recordings and they all play fine, because I mainly have G04 (not printable), a few G04 printable, a few G05 (not printable) and very very few G05 printable.

Just some info.
I am going to start buying TY and will never use Ritek again.