Ritek G05 Media Problems


I have been burning G05 Ritek media for some time with no problems- and a very low instance of coasters. I started my 2nd pack to find that I’m quickly approaching a 70% coaster rate.

The Pioneer A05 drive I’ve been using has worked flawlessly but, as you can see from these two tests, there is a problem. Yes I realize the 2nd one doesn’t recognize the media, but then again it’s the outside track that my DVD player has a problem with. You can see the pioneer thinks it’s a perfect disc (CDSpeed won’t let me do a quality test) whereas the hitachi…disagrees.

I theorize it could just be bad media- but then I’m going to get very suspicious because I had a pack of Arita discs where the 2nd half was a poor performer as well.

If the consensus is the drive, which should I replace it with? I’d most likely get a pair due to my always needing double discs for backup purposes.

Thanks in advance-

Try searching for G05 there is even a thread on the same page as this and you will find there is a problem with the quality of the discs themselves. Given the problem with Riteks A branded meia I wouldn’t dare guess how bad it will be on their own “B” or economy brand, which Arita is.

The Drive is probably fine so I would start by getting some Taiyo Yuden disks - preferably unbranded .Yuden000T02 is my preference. Then if you need, ow when you need a new drive consider BenQ. I still have 1640’s and 1620’s but if buying new would look at 1650 or 1655.

whatever you do stay away from cheap media unless its for unimportant temporary work.

My biggest concern is why does the drive see the media fine yet the DVD player crap out.

Ok I’ll continue to dig thru the media. I have some TY03’s (value branded) that worked in the player fine, they’re just not inkjet printable and thus not distributable with photographic content.

I wish there was a way to ‘check’ a burned ISO for read errors before releasing it from the drive. I’ve wasted MORE time with that…

Ritek discs are low quality to begin with, but you will find that over the space of a few months the discs will most likely be unreadable because they degrade so quick.

I think I’d stick with 4x media in a Pio A105. :wink: