Ritek G05 Dvd+r Media

Could somebody give me some advice here. I like, many others, have been caught by the Ritek G05 DVD-R decay problem on my Arita disks in as much as I am STILL backing up my previously burnt movies before they go south. You know the score an excellent burn at the time which soon goes to pieces.

However, at the same time, I bought 100 DVD+R disks - Arita’s again - that I thought were also Ritek G05. With the nightmare above I haven’t even burnt one of them leaving them on my shelf for obvious reasons.

However, now I have taken a closer look at them. Firstly, I note that instead of ‘RitekGO5’ they bare a media code of ‘Ritek R03’ - is this the G05 code by a different name? Even if it is I have only today read that the decay problem does not effect the ‘+’ media the same way that the ‘-’ media does - has anybody any comments on this.

I would just appreciate any comments people might have when seeing this ‘Ritek R03’ code. good or bad?

I would respectfully ask people to be objective though - I know that some people out there will see ‘Arita’ and cringe and others will see ‘Ritek’ and do the same. But I have already done this by the fact that I have left these DVD+R disks on the shelf after the above DVD-R G05 fiasco above. The fact remains I have already bought them, though. I want some fedback as regards whether they are at least worth trying and whether a good burn will turn bad later.

even if they dont have as bad as problem why risk it in the first place

you live you learn, toss it and get some good media

R03 = 8x +R
G05 = 8x -R

Ive burned about 100 R03’s they all burned great to start off with but some also suffered the same fate as G05’s, they were in 10 packs and some batches still scan great some terrible, its the luck of the draw im afraid.

Ive reburned everything since then to Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim media, i suggest others take note