Ritek G05 disc problem?

I always use DVD-R full face printable Ridisc G05 dvd`s and they work well with games etc, i recently bought the same spec discs from a different supplier but the only difference was that they had a small stamp near the inside of the printable side of the disc that reads NSP. The reason im posting this is because all the discs i have used so far dont work, yet i try the other ones i normally buy and they work fine?

I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem


Ritek G05 media is notorious for giving people problems, run a search in the media forum here and you’ll soon find out that G05 and Ritek in general is no longer recommended, particularly their -R media. Ritek media has had alot of problems for about 18 months now, they used to be good but those days are done. :doh:

I have always used ridisc G05 DVD-R for xbox and they have been great, they are the only dye that works as the xbox drive is fussy, has anyone got any recommendations on what dvds to use?


Verbatim (MCC) and Taiyo Yuden discs are usually very reliable for most users. Depending on your burner model and its firmware, what media will work well for you will vary. Some are more tolerant of different types of discs than others, I use alot of different types of media on my Benq and NEC burners with great success as they are very tolerant of different media, but your results will vary based on your burner/firmware. Updating your firmware for your burner is always a good idea though for best compatibility and overall burn quality.

thanks for the reply, how do you update firmware? I have a Sony DW-D22A


That is a rebadged Liteon, I think a 1633. You can either use Sony’s firmware or flash over to Liteon’s firmware, which I would suggest you do. For specifics on which firmware to use or how to do it, you would be better off looking in the Liteon burner forum. Updating firmware is quite easy but you’ll get specific directions for your burner in the Liteon Forum.

I bought the same RiTEK DVD-Rs as crippy bought which have “NSP” letters near their hub 2 weeks ago. I tried to Burn some of them and found that all burnt quality were quite excellent. :smiley: But I don’t know how long can they last. I scanned them again after a week, I couldn’t find any difference so far. The scan results still remain excellent.

In my experience, bad RiTEK tends to have some quality difference even after a week or have problem in the first burn. I believed that the DVD-R media made by RiTEK that we could obtain at today’s market already solved the problems like you experienced. But it seems that you got a bad batch of RiTEK very recently. :sad: Did you buy them at special discount price? If so, the seller knew about the problem of the discs you just got and down the price deliberately like a clearance sale, I thought.

Anyway, RiTEK has been deemed to be still dangerous. If you want to avoid further trouble, you should try Taiyo Yuden. If you want to enjoy gambling like me, it may be worth trying RiTEK. :bigsmile:

Man G05 DVD-R 8x media sucks balls… Im here to tell ya… Never use on a Sony DRU800a, you will have to chuck it up as a loss… Just ordered some Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x … This is supposed to sure the movie freezing problem im having…

Trust Me… With this batch of crap Ritek has let me down…

SWEEEETTT i just got my order of Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x … and the problem seems to be solved … burned 10 so far no problema at all… I think there my ticket to sucess

They certainly are. Ridisc is an E-net label and well known for changing out dye grades, manufacturers at the drop of the hat. Ritek G05 as a whole is notorious for quality control issues, so why on earth would you buy B-Grade dye versions of them? Smart move on the switch. :wink:

thanx man… thanx… they are doing better… going for a 200 pack soon…

I have no choice. There’s no TY here, just get Ritek +R avoid the G05.

Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x are doing me fine… Not A coster yet… and on second 200 pack

Ditto :wink:

Where are you located?