Ritek G05 & BTC 1008 DVD-RW

Hi folks,

I’ve just taken delivery of 50 Datawrite Yellow DVD-R discs today from SVP.

Not a bad price, or so I thought.

Anyway, I’ve got a bit of a problem with them. They will only burn at 2x speed on my BTC DVDRW 1008 IDE writer (with Dangerous Brothers 0059 RPC-1 firmware). I checked the Media info with DVDInfoPro and it turns out these discs are Ritek G05.

Now I was wondering, does anyone know of a firmware which would allow me to burn these discs at 4x or even better 8x?


I’m not sure on the specific support for this media in the prior firmwares, but you may want to test some of them out or search in the BTC Forum.


ritekg05 disks are not supported by any btc dvd+/-r(w) drives, you will have to wait for a newer f/w for your drive.
you will not be able to write this medias @ 8x, the 1008 is only able to write +r medias @ 8x.
you can also contact btc support and tell them your problem, they can maybe help you.