Ritek G05 and Fujifilm03 problems


I have a NEC 3500A since the end of September. And since then I used only Ritek media (G04 and G05) from datawrite that gave me no problems.

Last week I bought a 50 pack of Platinum DVD-R (Ritek G05). I had to return the pack since the first burn was a disaster with a lot of pie/pif errors that caused a large number of errors at the end of the movie I recorded. Unfortunately I do not have the scan so I can post it in here. Bad media probably. I do know that Ritek media isn’t very constant and can be good and bad at the same time. I decided to buy this since I had no problems in the past. Better to buy something I know than something I don’t.

Finally in Christmas I received 50 MMore DVD-R (Fujifilm03). I burned a lot of movies in them apparently with no visual defects in the image. But with a large number of pie/pif errors. I scanned the same disc using two different programs. The first is from Nero disc quality test. The second from dvdinfopro. The movie was recorded at 4x instead of 8x since with that speed the results are even worst. The firmware is official 2.18.

Is this normal? The difference between the two scans? The bad result from the nero scan show that this is a media problem or a problem with my drive?

Thanks in advance.

poor quality media, lots of bad/marginal fujifilm03 around at the moment.
give CMC MAG AE1 or ProdiscS03 a try if you want budget media.

Anything with PI failures over 10 I chuck in the bin.
PI fails look the same on both scans to me.

Thanks for the reply. Do you know what brands sell those two you mentioned? Here in Portugal is very difficult to find variety of media.
The number of failures differs in the two. In Nero is: 168585. In DVD Info Pro is: 1874.
Thanks again.

CMC MAG AE1 are sold at Datawrite Titanium/Datawrite 8x printable/Datasafe 8x printable
ProdiscS03 are sold as Bulkpaq 4x hub printable/Datasafe 4x hub printable

You might wanna buy Platinum DVD+R 8x instead of the DVD-R, they can be either RICOHJPNR02 or CMC MAG E01, both of them burn well on the 3500.

Thanks for your replies. Those Platinum DVD+R Ricoh I can find. When I bought the Platinum DVD-R 8x Ritek I had the chance of buying those DVD+R. It looks I made a bad choice. :frowning:

Have a new question.

I made two scans (using two different readers) from the same DVD-R (MMore Fujifilm03) that I just recorded:

  • Liteon SOHD-167T (DVD Drive)
  • Liteon SlimTypeDVDRW SOSW-852S (DVD-RW Drive)

The results are very different. Why is this? What scan from these two is more reliable?

Thanks in advance.

I saw your post before but it didnt really register to me, you cannot make reliable scans with a DVD-ROM, you need to scan in a LiteOn or other DVD-RW drive with PI/PIF testing capability at 4x, that 852s scan at maximum would probably look nicer at 4x but the errors even at maximum are within the standards apart from a few spikes above 4 but they may level off scanning at a lower speed, also the amount of Pi is very high but again it may come down when scanning at 4x,

i suggest you set that 852s to 4x and post another scan also disregard all the 167t scans