Ritek G04


I have ordered my NEC 2500 from SVP which recommended the use of Ritek G04’s DVD-R’s media. I have just been searching around to find out more about these disks and it looks bad. I am going to use the old 1.06 NEC firmware because that is supposed to be better. The thing is that someone did a Media compatability test for the NEC 2500 and it was highly recommended also SVP recommended it…

Do you think that the disks will work OK on my drive and if not what disks should I get? :confused:



I have no idea if they’ll work for you.

RitekG04 works perfect for me (new or old fw 1.06 doesn’t matter for me).

Getting great results with Taiyo Yuden DVD-R and DVD+R and Mitsubishi DVD-R - even at 8x speed.

Maxell DVD-R is great as well.

Even CMC DVD-R and DVD+R works good for me with this drive.

I’ve tried 3-4 Riteks G04’s on a NEC 2500A (using fw 1.06), they all burned ok (4x). I was able to play them on my brother’s sony dvd player and my playstation.


I’m feeling alot more confident using this media now…

Any more opinions…?

www.newegg.com-$44.99 shipped 50-pack.

That was a bit random… You telling where to get them, anyway i’m not in America…

Any other opinions???/

Over 140 opinions here! :slight_smile:

BTW, this media gets my tick of approval! :bigsmile: