Ritek G04 - what do you think of the scan?

Hi guys,

I scanned a G04 that I burnt about two months ago. No degradation that I can tell - but I was wondering what you thought of the rise in PIE levels and the slight cluster of PIF’s at the very end of the disc. Given the grave reports I have heard about G04 and G05 degrading, I was wondering whether the disc could be slowly degrading from the outer edge, as I am almost certain the rise in PIE and slight cluster of PIF’s were not there when I burned it. I have checked the disc thoroughly, and there are no specks of dust or any contamination on the recording side of the disc.

This was scanned in a NEC 3540A

Many thanks

I didn’t think that there’s been any particular concern about G04 media, certainly the later G05 dyes are very suspect.
Scans can be different from one day to another so I don’t think that I’d be too concerned. Maybe retest in another 2 months.

This is an excellent burn :slight_smile: - goes in the “best burns” category.

All non-premium discs are of slightly lesser quality near the edge, which probably explains the extremely slight drop in quality you see in your scan.

But you shouldn’t take such tiny differences seriously, even less so in NEC scans: PIE reporting of NEC drives (including the 3540, which is actually the only reliable NEC scanner to date) have a “magnifying” effect on any small change. Besides they report much higher PIE levels than most other scanning drives. As for the PIF figures, the difference in you scan is far too tiny to draw [I]any[/I] conclusion. :disagree:. Calling that a “cluster” is not correct.

Now… I have had lots of G04 going bad last year. Only way to tell about yours: as TimC mentions, re-scan the discs in a couple of months. In general, these G04/G05, when degrading:

  1. First show an increase in PIE levels and totals
  2. Then show an increase in PIF totals
  3. Only then PIF levels start to raise.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

This is a G04 burnt in Jan last year: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1275990&postcount=153 but I have been informed by Fanck that BenQ are picky when scanning NEC burnt discs.

Tim there is concern at G04 but it seems batch varience may be responsible for it. Though that is a guess as in some threads people have had nothing but bad things to say about G04s yet I have yet to have one fail on me.

I burned and scanned a Maxell-branded G04 the other day. I’ve put it away into a jewel case, and I’ll see what it says in 6 months’ time. :bigsmile:

Lovely scan though, Kev :iagree:

Last year… thats when the problem start with ritek was’nt it . I’ll have to scan some of my 05 G04’s. Only recently got a lite-on some have’nt had the chance. Although the G0401’s from 05 are still seem ok although i have only check one.

Heres a scan of a Ritek Branded G04 that i scanned today. It was burnt in march 04.

JMI that looks better than mine which is an 05 G04, I am going to have to rethink my storage strategy.

I switched over to ty in 05 when the G05’s was out and and there was thread after thread on here about them degrading quick. By that time though ty had dropped in price here and was a bit easier to get hold of.

As i say i have got more scans to do as i have’nt had the lite-on long, but the couple of G03’s and G04’s that i have scanned (all pre 05) are still holding up well and well in scan spec.

Not necessarily.

Most (but sadly not all) Traxdata, Ritek and Ridata branded G04 are stable. It’s with the unbranded ones, and Ridisc, Arita, Rimedia etc… that the fast degradation problem is most frequent, and this started around mid-2004. Out of the +/- 600 G04 I had here, it was a very, very mixed bag for stability. So it’s always very difficult with these discs to determine if it’s the media or the storing that is the source of the problem.

[B]@Arachne[/B]: I had no idea that there were Maxell-branded G04! :confused: When and where did you buy these?

Yep, there sure are (or were)…I bought them at Sainsbury’s supermarket about a week ago (when I bought the MBI Verbs). :eek:

Arita is bound to cause possible trouble as it is Riteks own B-grade label. I’ll scan a couple of my RiDisc later thought they are all still readable.

And sadly i have some of these Arita B Grade discs, going to start re-copying them to some ty. I would do a scan of one and post it but i dont want to see grown men cry.

The G05 one below the one I have linked to is Arita.

That’s alright, scan and post it anyway…I won’t cry (not a man). And I’d love to see the scan. :bigsmile:

Thanks for the info - I hope for you they’ll hold up better than the G05 Maxell I tried… :slight_smile:

Well, I used some for stuff for my neighbour, but I made sure to do a test burn (and scan) on one that’s put away into it’s jewel case.

I’ll dig it out and re-scan it in six months. :wink:

Unbranded G04 burnt in 2004.

Check out that nice PIF spike at the end! :bigsmile:

Is the disc readable?

I haven’t checked that yet I am scanning other G04s one Datawrite and a RiDisc. That one was a cheep one I picked up at a market.

Datawrite G04 burnt before the one with the lovely spike, all have been stored in exactly the same way: