Ritek g04, w/a05 = 99,20% ;)

passed the test? =)

I would say so :slight_smile:

wow and pioneer 105!

yeah, it was a sweet burn =)
except for that the read buffer went alittle down and up agian… it was a truly sweet burn. It happened because i burned from a slow hdd,… didn`t cause any damage though =)

like to meantion also, that it was the new firmware update that did the trick. Burned a few before this and they were like… 96 or so… but 99… i`ve nevner gotten that high up. But ritek g04 rocks

Ritek G04 had good quality, but you’d hardly find them today to buy.
G05 should be avoided…

yap, am sticking to verbatim or so, hope to find some made in japan soon, only found India for now.

same dvd, but a scan a few days after.

new burn, on same type of media.