Ritek G04 Orange top serious flaws!

A number of posts on UK sites have identified massive flaws in Ritek G04 with the orange label.

http://www.dvd-recordable.org/modules.p … &id=76

Additional posts have researched the source of these discs and said that Ritek stated that they were to be destroyed but somehow found their way into the pipeline and were distributed in the UK.

I can confirm that at least some of these are showing up in the US as I just went through a 100 stack I received this week and found 11 with flaws in the dye that were visible to the eye. Some flaws were up to 1/4 inch long.

Just wondering what the flaws look like. I purchased a 25pk Ritek and from the top you can see some weird distortion…

there is pictures,check the link

Problems seems to be only with orange “mountain” or “Landscape” disks

The link doesn’t work.

yes but you can edit the link and go to main page and use searh
and find this



EDIT: Guess we should stick to Ritek, Ridata, e.t.c. branded media.