Ritek-G04 media with Pioneer 107D-compared with NEC 2500A

is it true that the Pioneer 107D handles very well the Ritek G04 media?
Better than the NEC 2500A?

And, in contrast, it seems the contrary with BeAll media.

I am going to buy a burner, and I am deciding between both burners.

I’m not sure about the NEC as I don’t have one, but as far as the Pioneer it handles G04’s very well - the burn quality’s I get are comparable to TYG01’s in alot of cases!

Wow! anyone else is having such good results with the Ritek G04 and the Pioneer?

I have a NEC ND2510a and a Pioneer 106D drive, i’ve had no problems with RITEK G04 media but there are reports of bad batches of them. The NEC is also Double Layer compatible, worth considering if your buying a new burner.

Hi Dee. I have finally ordered a NEC ND2510A.
Not because of the DL capability, but rather because I guess it has better overall
quality than the Pioneer.
But as I said in the NEC forum, I ordered 100 Ridiscs 2 days ago (my fault), and
I guess the Pioneer would be better for these disks.
Maybe I return the Ridiscs, or keep them and buy a Pioneer in the future for them (when I have the money).
I have 2 computers, so I can use each recorder on one computer.

Dee, have you compared your 106D against your 2510 on the Ritek disks?
Which one gives better quality?

The discs u have ordered A grade they will work excellently with ur burner dont worry

I hope you are right, Paki,
Of course, when I have the Ridiscs in my hands, I will test them with the 2510
and if they burn ok, I will keep them and burn them all with the NEC.

I may sound a little neurotic, but I need reliable backups. In fact, I will store much of my data on DVD-R only. I won’t keep a copy in the hard disk, to save money. Only the important data I will keep duplicated in some way.

trust me

I have both and the pioneer is definatly the best DVD-R burner that ive seen. the new 16x dvd-r burner that is coming out is really going to blow your soxs off from what ives seen it do with TY DVD-R 16x media. :iagree:

i think pioneer and dvd-r formats are trying to come up with a strategy to par the dvd+r with bitsetting playing field.

Jamos I couldnt agree with you anymore, I feel Pioneer are excellent with bringing new technology. 16X speed on 8X media! now thats impressive and 4DL on 2.4X DL. I think thats amazing.

However back to arga’s question, The NEC will write good quality on the Ritek


16x on 8x media ya but the 16x write is z-cav and it only writes 16x for about last 10% or so of disk, thats lame at best.

and? is it faster than 8x writers and 12x writers yes so thats gud enough for me

Guys, I have finally ordered both recorders, so I will have the opportunity to
compare both for myself with the Ridiscs.
I have the Pioneer with me now.
The NEC, will arrive, Mo-Tue.
The Ridiscs, will arrive sometime next week.

BTW, my Pioneer is a 107DB.
I ordered a white unit, but this one is white front/black tray.
I got it surprisingly cheap for Spain, at 76 euros.
Should I worry?
Other poster says in another thread here, that he cannot update fw on a 107DB

no its no different dont worry

fine :slight_smile: