Ritek G04 media<<<Discontinued?

I have been using this media fore along time and it has been very good.I went buy another 500 today and i was told that the G04 are discontinued and i will have to buy the G05.I burn with the Pioneer 107 with the 1.13 fw AND I BURN AT 6X QUITE SUCCESFULY with a consistand burn right the way through.Is the G04 been discontinued or not?
i’m in Australia and that is what i’m led to believe

Ritek, and most other manufacturers, have ceased production of 4X media and moved on to 8X as their standard product. Since there was a glut of 4X media in the pipeline, you should be able to find sources that will still have it around for awhile.

It was discontinued months ago. All you have now is backstock. G04’s production line was pathetic all of 2004. Only the 2003 media was really any good. Good riddance.

The dye changed on the Ritek G04 to crap MM02 it looks a lot paler.Some G04,s still for sale in the UK are ID with DVDinfoPro as MM02 but sold as G04 :confused: .I now use G05 but burn at 4x instead of 8x.

Try the following two companies, they are related entities.

www.rimeda.com.au - Melbourne
www.digicity.com.au - Sydney

Last week a friend bought a spindle of G04 and I bought a spindle of G05 to try.

I also have noticed the quality of the G04 media in 2004 vary with regards to quality.


Its a damn shame G04 media is discontinued as even with Riteks variable quality standards it the best DVD media they produced to date IMO.

The best G05 that I’ve seen is still not a patch on the worst G04. And the paler Ritek medias (the stuff that looks like ever other DVD media) is so far proving to be worse than some of the CMC junk which is flooding the UK market at present.

Luckily for me I still have a stock of a few different brands of G04 media left, unfortunately I also have almost as many G05 and later Ritek junk too. :frowning:

Still havent found one media type to replace G04 yet, despite having a pretty wide selection of (mainly DVD-R and only a very few DVD+R) media to choose from. Of course I could plump for TY media, but as they cost 3-4x the price of other media and only sell in 100x spindles I’d have to win the lottery 1st.

The best G05 that I’ve seen is still not a patch on the worst G04.

You’ve obviously not seen much then.

I’m not super impressed by G05 either. PRODISC media is pretty good. I actually found RITEK to be the same price (or more expensive!) than TY and several others.

I’ve used about 6,000 PRODISC media (PRODISCS03, MCC01RG20, MCC02RG20, PRODISCF01) and have had about a 95% success rate to date. This 109 is equallty as decent. These were abused too (on-the-fly 4x copies mostly).

I totolly agree the G04 were the best and i think there will never be another media that will come close to the old G04 :frowning:

I been using Ritek GO4 media for a long time with 100% success rate,
and now ive moved onto Ridata GO5 & the dye looks the same. Quality is the same aswell, ive burnt 200 dvd-r sofar with 100% success rate… i’m happy with the new media. btw i’m burning at 8x with pioneer 107D FW1.15… :slight_smile: