Ritek G04 just can't be burned

I bought a cakebox stack of 50 Ritek DVD-R’s, with the following media code:

00000000 00 6A 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 96 0E 14 .j…@…R…
00000010 88 9A 80 00 03 52 49 54 45 4B 47 00 04 30 34 00 …RITEKG…04.
00000020 00 00 00 00 05 88 80 00 00 00 02 00 06 08 12 11 …

I have tried every single firmware I could find, including the stock 1.06 my drive came with, and all Herrie’s hacked firmwares, and have yet to complete a successful burn. Some firmwares give calibration error, some burn the media at 4, 6, or even 8x, but none of the discs that have been burned are readable in either the ND-2500A or my Lite-On 16x DVD-ROM.

I’ve read innumerable posts on the variability of the G04 media, but haven’t seen one referring to that particular code. I got the media from Newegg.

At this point I’d rather go back to the stock 1.06 firmware, which was at least reliable with my Memorex and Fuji media; can anyone point me to a stock 1.06 with Windows flasher?




The Dangerous Brothers has the original stock 1.06 binaries,but under DOS,you can use the nec2x00a.exe utility to flash it under DOS,which is very easy.


Have a nice day!

Most of the NEC firmware sites are listed in the sticky at the top of the forum.
1.06 stock fw with RPC1 and riplock removed windows flasher available here.

there in no point in buying unbranded ritek disks, they will surely
have been taken from a skip at the back of a factory where
they throw all their faulty disks. The media code on faulty
disks is totally IRRELAVENT.

Datasafe Ritek G04 are the only reliable ritek in Europe.

No way are datasafe a safe bet it really depends on the batch code printed on the clear ring in the centre of the disk , i bought 400 datasafe and had mixed batch numbers , they were all crap , then i flashed the 2.15 firmware and the ones that start with the batch code H4-XXXXXXXXXX work flawlessly , i cant speak for the batch code beginning with J as used them all on my pioneer writer , but i dont think it matters who’s labels on the disk or if its a printable or silver it depends on the batch code as this refers to which factory it was produced at .

Well, I bought my Ritek G04’s from Newegg a while back and I haven’t changed firmwares from the stock one that came with my drive.
I’ve got 5 good burns and 3 coasters. One of those good burns was Ritek media with the Newegg logo on it.
I’ve had nothing but good burns on my Ricoh JPN’s.

I don’t know what’s up with Ritek media but, at this point, I don’t forsee any future purchases.

Up to my last batch of 4x Datasafe G04 media I could not fault the disc`s. I was getting excellent burns. However this last batch have been very mixed?
I will not chance another batch & will be using Verbitam in the future. You get what you pay for I think.

i got the same ritek G04 cake stack from newegg. i flashed with herrie’s 1.07 v2 beta 4. haven’t had a coaster yet, burning all at 8x with latest nero ( well, at least its “set” to 8x in nero before i start the burn, who knows what speed its >really< burning at.

I’ve used mostly Ritek G01 and G04 Cakebox’s from Meritline (no idea what code they are) and I’ve only had 1 coaster so far. YMMV is definitely the case.

I got the G04s from amazon.com, and so far so good

I bought 50 silver matte no-name ritek G04’s from www.shop4tech.com. Burned 15 without a single coaster or error. Running Herrie’s 1.07v2b4, I’m happy!

Did any body try Traxdate G04, found in Europe at places like Ketta.com or Digitalpromo.co.uk ?
I found them of best of breed among Ritek brands.

Clockworks, does your media code match the one I posted? I just updated Nero last night, I’ll give that firmware another go…



I must be lucky as hell !
I’m on my 4th cakebox of Ridata Ritek G04’s from Newegg and the only coaster were the first 5 disk due to initial setup problems. DMA (PIO mode) and Nforce IDE drivers. I got my NEC 2500a in March from them also. I’ve used all of herrie’s firmwares since herriestock up to the newest 2.15 DL ,waiting for media to test that function, but burning the Ritek-R’s at 8x. Actual clocked time of around 7 1/2 min burn and total 8 1/2 to finalize disk. I’ve also used cheap a$$ Khypermedia 2.4x, Memorex 4x+R @8x,
Sony 4X+R@8x (same media as the Memorex) and Sony+RW@4x. I use DVD Shrink, Nero 6.0, and DVDInfo Pro.
I came to this forum to learned what to use and how to use it. You guys are very informative !
I’ve been a contributing member of a couple of “Overclocking Forums” for a couple of years and our single purpose in the computing world is to fine tune our systems to outrageous levels and run benchmarks to measure the results of each tweak. I know, a wierd group of geeks, but it’s a hobbie !
As I stated in the beginning, I’ve been lucky in the combination of burner and media I’ve had success with thanks to this forum !


For me, the combination of herrie’s 1.07 v2 beta4 and Nero seems to have solved this issue for me. I’ve burned three perfect discs, after ten or fifteen straight coasters.

Much thanks to Clockworks…


Of course, now I can’t burn the Memorex DVD-R’s (Prodisc S03)…so it looks like I’ll be switching firmwares for a while…

What kind of problems are you having with the Prodisc-S03’s and the 1.07Hv2b4 firmware? I just ordered 50 of those. I had 2 in a sample pack of -R printables. I burned one at 6X with 107b7 (nero 6.3.1.?) which did great. The other at 8X with 107Hv2b4 (nero which burned fine. Tested ok, but not as smooth of a curve at the very end (4.3G area) of the speed test (no read errors).


I can burn the Prodisc-S03’s at 8x with that firmware, but Nero suffers an error about 60% thru the burn, I don’t remember what error I got (been switching firmwares a lot lately and have seen a lot of different errors). At 4x the burn completes without problems, but the disc is unreadable.

Interestingly, although I can burn the G04’s now at 8x, and the resulting disc spins up without problem, DVDInfoPro says the resulting disc is literally full of errors, after an hour of reading in my Lite-On DVD-ROM, it was still 0% complete with a long list of detected errors.

I’m just going to finish this batch of G04’s I’m stuck with, then go back to 1.06 stock firmware and Fuji DVD-R’s, which have never given me a coaster.

I have a mixed batch of Ridsics with J3- and H4-. I seem to remember one disc was better than the others. I think it may have been the H4- one since all the others are J3- so the theory may be right?

Anyhow my drive may be faulty so I can’t say for certain yet until maybe I get a replacement (Dunno what to do if they only send me back the same drive. Maybe bin it and get a 2510 or a Benq).

I’m sorry but I’m having a similar problem with the same media. And I didn’t understand if you did or did not solve your problem. Did the beta 4 solved your problem?. I openned a topic maybe you could check it out.