Ritek G04 - DVDInfo vs KProbe



Hi everyone.
I tried burning a Ritek G04(shiny silver top) DVD-R on my 811S, the burn went fine and then I tried scanning it with KPROBE.
Got pretty bad results in PI, decent in PIF and then scanned the same disc a few minutes later with DVDINFO, which got me much better results as you can see from the pics below.
Why would these scans be so much different? Doesn’t the burner report the actual PI/PIF numbers and not the scanning program?


The results are not drastically different. The main reason for differences such as this is usually due to the sampling rate or differences in ECC sums.


@ venomenet also try doing a scan with nero CD-DVD Speed and compear all 3 of them and it might give you a better idea. :slight_smile: