Ritek G04 compatible with SOHW-1633?

I recently purchased a lite-on sohw-1633. I also have some ritek GO4 DVD-R medias on the way. Will these disk be compatible with my burner? Asking incase someone here has tried burning the G04’s with the 1633. Thanks in advance.

I have recorded A grade G04 with no problems on 1633 @ 4x

i am not at my home but i do have a set of ritek 8x dvd-r’s and i was burning them at 8x fine could play in my 3 dvd players no prob…not sure how to find out if the are “g04”'s

I have been burning my Ritek G04s @ 8x with my SOHW-1213 @ 1633 with BSOG firmware and the latest Omnipatcher tweaks. Scans look very good.

Are you using any write-strategy-swaps other than the ones “built-in” to Omnipatcher?

Have you by any chance tried Ritek G05s in that burner? I haven’t gotten the greatest scans for them (I also have the 1213@1633), although I am finally able to burn them at 8X (before flashing to 1633 I wasn’t able to burn a single disc at 8X).

Here’s the very first disc I burned at 8X after flashing to 1633 (I burned it in Nero CD-Speed as a Data Disc):

Not too impressive, especially the 3 errors. Note how the PI takes a jump upwards when the drive switches from 6X to 8X, and how the very beginning of the disc, at 4X, is the worst part of it.

Here’s the second burn, using Nero Express, also at 8X:

It’s better than the first one – the max PI is lower, the average PI is lower, and there are no errors.

Thanks guys. I was reading a review over the net and in the conclusion it stated, the 1633 was not compatible with Ridata products. Thanks for the responses