Ritek G04 and SOHW-812s



I’ve got a quick question for y’all. What is the best method for making Ritek g04 discs burn at 8x on a SOHW-812s. Is it possible?


Use US0N or VS05. Use OmniPatcher to set the G04 code to MXL RG02. Hack MXL RG02 using OP to 8x.

Alternatively, you can set the G04 code directly to MXL RG03. Dunno how well this will work as its untested…


Nice, I’ll try it now


Is this still the best method, with all these new firmwares?


No idea. Ritek G04 is one of those media codes where people are getting different results. Probably because G04 is such a variable media type. Some work best with stock, some work best with MXL. Some work best with G06. Try it out and see what works best for your batch.


Here is a K-Probe Scan of a Ritek G04 @ MXL RG02 @ (hacked and burnt) x8. On a VS08 on a 812S@823S.
I have no idea what I am doing, so could someone tell me if this is good or bad :Z ?


that is pretty good ,but it’s a little higher than how i would like it, but it is readable


how about using the latest firmware US0Q?


and 1 question… there is the option to select 6x? should i tick that too?