Ritek G04 and Nec 1300a: what firmware?



Can anyone recommend a Nec 1300a firmware which they found working with Ritek G04 (4x)?

I bought some of these disks (having heard they are reasonably compatible), the printable version, but I have exactly the same problems as the SKC Corp., i.e. the backups are very slow on the PS2 and they skip competly videos etc. I am wondering if this is a problem with the firmware I am using (Fw 1.0c herrie) abd should revert back to 1.08v2.

I also tried some much lower quality Princo (and also some princo-die mirror) and they work 100% perfectly. So I cannot really understand what is going on with my burner.

Would like to find a media which I can rely a bit more than princo (over time), and works! (without having to resort on Verbatim or TY, which are too expensive for backups)


Try one of the 1.0C firmwares, they should work good for G04.

Princo? :eek:


where can I get the official NEC 1.0c firmware? (I have now 1.0c test 2 by herrie and does not seem to work well at all).

For the princo, I am surprised as you, but cannot seem to make one of them fail even if I try.