Ritek G04 alternative needed for gamecube

I have been trying to get some go4 blanks for Gamecube back ups/homebrews but they are nowhere to be found (in the uk that is) and was hoping that somebody might be able to point me in a reliable direction.Having researched as far as to realise that the G04 was the staple diet for such matters and then to find that they are TOTALLY unavailable anywhere i now find myself wondering if there is a replacement for that particular crown.I appreciate any help you can offer.
P.s. is it at all possible that the G04’s demise might in some way be down to pressure from Nintendo or whoever as a result of its inadvertent talent to burn rather splendid back - ups or is that me getting cynical in my mid ages???!!!

RITEK G04 media is 4x rated media and there’s no production of such media anymore (at least not Single Layer recordable 12cm DVD media), so there’s no need to use conspiracy theories to exlain why they are hard to find.

I don’t have a Gamecube, so I don’t know what it likes or dislikes, but fussy DVD players tend to like Verbatim media, so perhaps that would work.

That’s a tough one. Despite all its known issues, G04 was nevertheless, indeed, a fantastic disc for compatibility with players and consoles.

You could try 16X -R Verbatims (MCC 03RG20). I prefer the 8X version for my personal use, I get better testing results with them, but the 16X version seems to have a better reputation for great readability among players.

I think I remember someone with a gamecube saying he had good luck with bitsetted CMC MAG E01 (8X +R), but with these your burner will be an important part of the equation (it must be able to bitset the disc to ROM [B]and[/B] burn it very well!). Also you need to find premium grade CMC MAG E01: the HP-branded ones are excellent but most E-net stuff with this mediacode (Datawrite, Datasafe, Ridisc) is mostly mediocre.

Good luck… :slight_smile:

If you live in Europe, here are some (printable) G04s:


digitalpromo.co.uk sell Traxdata branded G04’s (8CM discs)

Surely the guy needs 8cm discs? a gamecube is too small for a normal size DVD.

A whole load of 8cm discs including verbs and e-net branded CMC AF1’s are at svp.co.uk… here: http://svp.co.uk/products-list.php?bid=0&cid=117

If you really must have G04 discs then try Digital Promo here: http://www.digitalpromo.co.uk/traxdata-mini-branded-14gb-general-purpose-speed-dvdr-p-466.html

Thanx ever so much people i was starting to wonder if i would ever find any especially considering that i googled it and no useful results (only 3 listings in total!).Dont know how you found them but cheers.