Ritek G04 & A07

I am convinced that the Ritek G04 is the best choice for use for my A07. However, I am unable to determine the difference between “shiny silver surface” and “matted silver surface” at Supermediastore. Anyone know off-hand? Can you write on one and not the other? (I use a Sharpie.) Alternatiely, I will probably just buy the White Inkjet Printer version, which seems the most likely to be capable of being written upon.

Well, I have the silver matte and use a fine point Sharpie. It’s perfect. I haven’t seen the other types of G04’s so I can’t give you a comparison.


Hi - I can answer this one…

The silver matte (frosty top, or whatever they’re called) is just a smooth matt coating on top of the DVD-R. It’s not as rough as a printable disk, which is required for ink-jets to print on.

I use the silver matt disks all the time - fine to write on with a sharpie.

In fact - its so smooth, that if you have a thermal CD printer (e.g. TDK CD Printer), it produces good quality prints. Which is why I buy them.


Thank You!


Personally, I find the coloured or printable more reliable than the shiny clear tops, but the clears are still OK.

Cheerz:) :wink: :smiley: