Ritek G04/2500A - Herriestock or 1.08(hp 1.27)?




For burning Ritek G04 -R discs on the NEC 2500A, which of these firmwares is recommended ?
(1) HerriesStock
(2) NEC 1.08 ( HP 1.27 )

I read about both in a different thread, but I could not see any consensus.

Anyone knows the latest on which FW to use ?

Thanks much !


I’ve burned 60 with 107-b7

One coaster, but I realized that although it let me choose 6X in nero I get much better burns with 4X and proven in Kprobe.

Almost no P0 with 4X abundant on 6X


So where I can find 107-b7 ?
Any links ?



Until 1.08 is final, stick with Herriestock, much better than 1.07.



Thanks much … where can I find the latest version of herriestock ?
I remember that this was an internal firmware that Herrie made available due to the G04 demand.

Do you have a link handy ?

EDIT: I found this http://herrie.rpc1.org/downloads/herriestock.rar
I hope this is the right one …

Also depending which G04 you have, looks like either herriestock or nec108 would work better … Anyone have details on this ?
–End EDIT–

Thanks :slight_smile:


Herriestock and 1.08 contain the same G04 strategy.


1.08 Seems to work better for me on Datasafe Ritek 04 with playback on different players.
Herrie big up :bow: :bow: :bow: :slight_smile:


Hey … do you have a link to the 1.08 FW ?



this is the one i use


That’s an old version of 1.08, and does not contain the newer G04 strategy.
Just stick with Herriestock for G04 burning.


Thanks rdgrimes … I will stick with HerrieStock

Is this ( http://herrie.rpc1.org/downloads/herriestock.rar ) the latest version ?


Yup, there’s only one version. It’s 1.06 NEC firmware with the substituted G04 strategy.


Use the HerrieStock firmware.
I used both, (v1.08 HP 1.27, and now HerrieStock), but I found HerrieStock better.
I use Traxdata, Ridata and Ritek (original Ritek made by Ritek…) DVD-s.
With HS firmware I get very good results, v1.08 was not so good for me.

(Sorry for my bad English…)




thanks for that link!


107v2 Beta 4 has the same strategy included!