Ritek G03 speed test, what do you think?

The 4 speed tests made with nero dvdspeed, the writing and reading was made in Nec 2500 using the original first firmware of december, not touched. 1.062003121900.

YUDEN R+ 4x, Bought as Plextor. One question about Yuden, is Yuden and TY the same thing?
This is only the best results i got till now. About 20 discs everyone mades the same exact curve.

Princo 4x
This i consider a great curve the problem is that on one pack of 10 only 4 give me these results, 3 didn’t work in nec but working every else where and 3 were completely coasters.

Ritek G04 bought as Primedisc (H4-4L19)
Great curve. But i’ve only burned 2 discs of this till now. They give me one or two slight pauses one one player, but i believe this is player fault because i can’t reproduce this pauses in any other player.

Ritek G03 bought as Primedisk (J3-7L16)
About the curve that’s what i want to know. It looks terrible to me, because it isn’t smooth. But from other angle it doesn’t show the slow downs we all know.

Let me know your thoughts


The speed curve of Ritek G03 looks terrible. But the other three media you tested are 4x media and G03 is 2x media. When you burned the G03, did you use 4x writing speed or 2x? Maybe if you use slower writing speed the results would be better.

I’m really interested to know what speed you used because I have about 100 G03 media left and I just ordered an NEC 2500A, which I should receive sometime next week. If it works well with my batch of G03s I’ll keep it. Otherwise I have to send it back and get something else, may a Pioneer A07.

Yeah that’s a little odd it doesn’t do so well on Ritek media, I hope they fix it eventually.
Here is a screenshot using 4x Leda media (LEADDATA01) written at 4x on the NEC:

The G03 is really a 2x media and for that it was recorded at 2 xs.

It plays fine in my players and PS2. But I really don’t like the curve :frowning:

I was also planning to buy more of this, but after this first test I’m not convinced.

The G03 isn’t in the NEC media list and there’s another issue that OC-freak is always pointing and that I’m now assured of, Nec doesn’t like to write below 4x.

About that leaddata curve i don’t like it also :slight_smile: