RITEK: First to launch 16x DVD+R DL media

I just posted the article RITEK: First to launch 16x DVD+R DL media.

RITEK Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of storage media, has announced the launch of 16xDVD+R DL media. This makes the company the first to do this and opens a door of speed and huge…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13980-RITEK-First-to-launch-16x-DVDR-DL-media.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13980-RITEK-First-to-launch-16x-DVDR-DL-media.html)

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They can’t even get their 4X to work right!

lol :o :S

16x DL and Ritek. Don’t make me laugh. :B i’d be happy with reliable burns on their Ritek_S04 8X media. My Benq 1655 or Optiarc 7173 struggles with it at 8x and even at 4x and half the time fails.

16X and Ritek… oh my God… :r Wasn’t it Ricoh who already annouced their 16x DVD+R DL media months ago ??? Phew, to be honest anything that is Ritek based is crap these days… regards, Stephen

Here’s an idea, make the media cheaper instead of being able to burn faster. I would rather pay for 2x media that is cheap and reliable than pay extra for something that only burns at that rate during the end of the media to begin with.