Ritek Europe announces availability of Traxdata 8x DVD+RW discs



I just posted the article Ritek Europe announces availability of Traxdata 8x DVD+RW discs.

Technology B.V., is now shipping in Europe, the
new Traxdata DVD+RW 8x media. The
fastest +RW media in the range, this rewritable disc is perfect for video, audio
and data…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10177-Ritek-Europe-announces-availability-of-Traxdata-8x-DVDRW-discs.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10177-Ritek-Europe-announces-availability-of-Traxdata-8x-DVDRW-discs.html)

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ritek should sell their cds to vietnam people. :r


something like that :g


This item is about DVD recordables! Could you also explain why they should sell them to the Vietnamese? I have no problems with Ritek media generally.


some people have…


because they will close europe factorys and move to Vietnam. and ritek media are just crap. (in my opinion)


is 1350KB/sec right?


I agree, I think the quality will take a major blow moving to Vietnam. I have never really had a problem with Ritek. I have found them to be decent quality at a decent price. Although recently I have been hearing people saying the current batch isn’t as good as previous batches. The G04’s were always very good.


i agree the new ritek go5 dye is awfull now having to source go4 dye with a awsome disk made with ritek go4 called ridata never had a bad one of these babys


indeed, isnt that single speed? in that case 8x should be 10800 KB/s


Just to make sure that there is no misunderstanding, as far as I know most of the Ritek production is already done in Asia, like almost all companies do. (both hardware and media). We recently reports that Ritek is [url=http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11577]phasing]/url] out the CD-R production in Europe. This is not something ‘Ritek only’. Currently many companies are moving their productions to countries where labor is much cheaper. Don’t forget that the media market is very competitive and that most customers go for the cheapest and not for what is made in their own continent/country.


Hey, I just want some 8X DVD+RW to be available in the states (or 6x DVD-RW), Europeans must be excited to actually be able to purchase fast rewritable media.


The G04 was the Ritek 4x Media code and the G05 the 8x However the first 8x media (G05) did had some compatibility problems, but now this problem has already been solved… and @ cerberus… Like most of the manufacturers, they have production facilities and Asia and Asia only has the 24 hours a day production capacity! Ritek’s MAIN production facility is located in Taiwan, the one in Vietnam is their sub… I have no idea why they’ve opened another facility in Vietnam, but I think the demand for Ritek media has increased, so that’s why they have to solve their “shortage” with this solution.